Our Cookie Policy

What Is a Cookie?

A cookie is a small file placed on your computer that helps us to analyse web traffic and browsing habits. The cookie does not allow us to access your computer and contains no personal information about you other than data you choose to share with us.
We use three types of cookie on Yesbets: our own cookies, third-party social networks cookies, and third-party analytics cookies.

What Do the Yesbets Cookies Do?

We use two of our own cookies to enhance your experience of the site.
The first cookie keeps you logged in to your account on your computer for 28 days or until you log out, so you don´t have to enter your details every time you visit us. The second cookie remembers when you´ve hidden some elements of the site, so that you don´t get shown information you don´t need every time you visit.

What Do Third-Party Social Network Cookies Do?

Around Yesbets you´ll see familiar features from social networks like Facebook and Twitter that allow you to share content with others. When you interact with these features you may be sent cookies from those websites that help them to provide their services.
We can´t control the cookies sent to you from third-party websites, so if you´re concerned about these you should check the cookie policy of the relevant website before using their services.

What Do Third-Party Analytics Cookies Do?

We use cookies from Google Analytics to help us learn about the behaviour of our users on Yesbets. These cookies don´t have any information that identifies you personally and don´t track online behaviour outside yesbets.co.uk.
What these cookies do is provide us with information about how our members use Yesbets. They can tell us things like how many users looked at specific pages, which links they clicked and similar information. This helps us to improve the experience of using the site for everyone.

How Do I Block or Remove Cookies?

If you want to, you can remove and block cookies by changing the settings in your internet browser. For detailed instructions on how to do this, please visit aboutcookies.org. If you don´t choose to block cookies we´ll take your continued use of the site as consent for us to use the cookies outlined on this page.

Will Blocking Cookies Change My Experience on the Site?

In a word, yes. We use cookies to improve your experience. If you block cookies, then there may be certain aspects of the site which do not work correctly. In some cases blocking cookies can also prevent us from earning commission on sales made through Yesbets. These commissions help us to keep the site running and keep membership fees at the lowest possible rate. That said, we would always prefer you to continue to use the site to find useful information regardless of whether you choose to enable or disable cookies.