🐴 2nd Place Refund Offers

If you are looking for 2nd place refund offers in horse racing, then this is the page for you. We bring you all the bookmakers offering money back if your horse finishes 2nd in a race. We update these offers daily, so keep checking back for the latest information to give yourself the edge when betting on horses.

What is a 2nd Place Refund in Horse Racing?

If a bookie offers a 2nd place refund, you will receive your money back as an SNR free bet if the horse that you backed finishes 2nd in the race. Think of it as a kind of insurance for your horse racing bet. Whilst it’s not quite as good as your money back as cash, it does provide you with an additional opportunity to win your money back by betting on another race. 

When are 2nd place Refunds Available?

You will find most money back if 2nd offers are available at weekends and during the major festivals like Cheltenham, Aintree and Royal Ascot. Midweek racing offers like the 2nd place refund for horse racing have become far less prominent in recent years, possibly owing to the increased popularity of matched betting. 

How to Maximise 2nd Place refunds in Horse Racing

When looking to get the most value out of 2nd place refunds, there are a couple of aspects to look at. If you are a sharp punter and using them for that added bit of insurance the first thing to look at is the odds of the field.

If there is a strong favourite at even money or lower, it would suggest that this has a strong chance of winning. If you’ve found another horse that has a chance on it’s day, you could back it and hope that it turns the favourite over for a better payout at higher odds. If it places 2nd you will receive your money back as a free bet. 

A large number of bookmakers now offer money back if 2nd to the SP (starting price) favourite and whilst this isn’t as lucrative an offer as money back if 2nd, there are more of them available. You can check them out here.

Another option is to use the 2nd place refund offer when betting on a strong favourite. Favourites are more likely to be there or thereabouts in a race. The 2nd place refund offer can provide you with that little extra piece of mind if you are backing at a short price.

2nd Place Refunds For Matched Betting

There are a growing number of punters that use money back if 2nd horse racing offers for matched betting to try and guarantee a profit . The process involves backing the horse at the bookmaker that is running the offer, then laying it off at the exchange (hedging your bet). This will normally lock in a small loss, but if the horse places 2nd you will receive a free bet which will guarantee you can then extract for a profit. Find out more about matched betting and how it can guarantee you monthly profits with Yesbets.

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If 2nd, Get £20 Cash

York 13:55

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William Hill

If 2nd, Get £10 Cash

Leicester, York

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If 2nd, Get £20 Free Bet

York 13:55, York 14:25, York 15:00, York 15:35

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If 2nd, Get £10 Free Bet

York 15:00, York 16:50

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If 2nd, Get £10 Free Bet

Chepstow 13:45

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If 2nd, Get £10 Free Bet

Chepstow 13:45

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