Take a look at today’s 2nd to SP fav horse racing offers from the major online bookmakers in the UK and Ireland. We bring you the most up to date horse racing offers every day to ensure that you get maximum value. Take a look at the latest 2nd to SP favourite offers below.

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What is 2nd to SP Fav Horse Racing Offer?

When a bookmaker offers 2nd to SP Fav on a horse race, it means that if your horse comes 2nd to the starting price favourite you will receive an SNR free bet to the equivalent value of your stake.

For example, you place a £10 bet in a horse race at 4-1. There is another horse in the race that is 2-1, it is the shortest priced horse in the race and the odds stay the same until the race starts. The race ends and your horse loses, however the 2-1 shot wins In this case you will receive a free SNR bet for £10 to place on another race.

Things to Be Aware of With 2nd to SP Fav Offers

Don’t bet on the favourite in the race. This may sound self explanatory, but if you bet on the favourite and it comes 2nd you won’t be receiving a free bet.

Be aware that odds will shift in the lead up to the race. If there are 2 or 3 horses that are of similar odds and you back one that isn’t the favourite when you place the bet. If lots of money comes in for that horse and the price shortens and goes off favourite, you won’t get the free bet if it comes in 2nd. The refund only applies if your horse comes 2nd to the starting price favourite.

Also remember that free bets have an expiry date, this can vary hugely between 1 and 14 days. Always read the small print and check the terms of any free bets that you receive and use them within their allotted time.

How to Profit From 2nd to SP Fav Bets

If you are purely backing horses, the best way to use 2nd to SP fav racing offers is to look for races with a particularly strong favourite in the race. Then Look for horses that you think have a strong chance of turning the favourite over. If you are right, you get a nice payout, but if the market has priced the favourite correctly and goes on to win and your horse finishes 2nd, you’ll get the free bet.

The other way to profit from 2nd to SP fav racing offers, is via matched betting. This involves you backing and laying a horse before the off for a very small loss and then hoping you hit 2nd place with the favourite winning to receive the free bet and guarantee a profit. Find out more about matched betting and you to generate a guaranteed monthly income from it here.