We make profits from matched betting through bookmakers’ offers. From sign-up bonuses to free bet reloads, enhanced odds to percentage bonus promotions. Here, we’ve got them all. And they’ve got your name written all over them.

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    Matched Betting; How to Exploit Bookmaker Sign Up Offers

    The word “exploit” sounds heavy. It’s a strong word to use. It’s worth being clear right from the off that matched betting is not about exploiting anybody. It’s about maximising profit from the free bet offers that bookmakers offer anybody and everybody to sign up with that bookie and make a bet. We could sign up with a bookie and bet £10 on Manchester City t.....

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    What Does "Gubbed" Mean?

    Gubbed. It doesn’t sound nice, does it? It sounds like the kind of thing that might happen to us if we were urchins in a workhouse. When using the term “gubbed” in the world of matched betting, the effect might feel oddly similar to begin with. You see, online bookmakers don’t like punters making money off them. Quite the reverse, in fact. Matched betting is basically a .....

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    Is Matched Betting Legal or Illegal in the UK?

    Since the advent of betting exchanges the matched betting phenomenon has exploded. More and more people are jumping on the matched betting bandwagon to earn free profits from bookmakers. Chances are you know someone who has. Which is probably why you are reading this article. Free money? Betting on both eventualities to cover all outcomes? Making profit from bookmakers? How can this be legal? .....

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    What Is Lay Betting? The Complete Guide

    Lay bets are a key component in the matched betting process. We place lay bets on betting exchanges, like Betfair or Smarkets. (Other betting exchanges are available). The world’s largest betting exchange, Betfair, explains lay betting as making a bet that something won’t happen. This is actually an excellent way to describe it. And if you think about living your daily life, how man.....

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    What Is The Betfair Exchange?

    The Betfair Exchange is the world’s largest betting exchange. It allows people from across the globe to place bets against each other. It allows people to become a bookmaker. In effect, to bet against sporting outcomes. To explain what that means in real terms, let’s jump inside our betting exchange time machine and head back to Paris in July, 2016. The European Championship Final. T.....