ZEturf €60 Bonus

ZETURF - Signup Offer

€60 Bonus

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1st deposit automatically doubled within the limits of € 20.

Exchange Accounts

You need an account with at least: £20.00

Tote Balance

Open ZEturf account & deposit €20. View what you need to know. (Convert your deposit to GBP at xe.com before recording here)

Generic Strategy
  • This is a tote betting offer. Please read the Tote Betting Guide before beginning this offer, to get a general understanding of how tote betting works.
  • All offers are in Euros. For each stage, convert the back stake in euros into pounds before calculating the lay (converter here: http://www.xe.com/currencyconverter/).
  • For example, if you’re backing €20, enter 20 on the converter page, select the options to convert Euros to British Pounds, and then use the resultant figure in GBP as the back stake from which to calculate your lay.
  • ZEturf offer a €60 welcome bonus that is paid in three €20 instalments over 60 days following sign up.
  • A further €190 bonus is available, but this is not recommended as it requires high stakes to be backed and laid, which is very risky due to the uncertainty of laying tote bets.
Bonus Received?

Deposit €20 when you open your account and record your deposit above.

Remember to convert from Euros to Pounds before you save to Yesbets (use xe.com).

You should receive a €20 bonus as soon as you deposit.

When you receive your bonus, record this by entering your new total balance below (convert €40 to pounds before saving).

Place Tote Bet

This is a tote bet, so read the Tote Betting Guide for information and advice.

ZEturf only features the most prominent UK races, so wait until a UK race is available to place your qualifying bet on (e.g. AINTREE below)


Pick a strong favourite in a big UK race and place a €40 bet on the horse to win (€20 deposit & €20 bonus). Make sure to place on "SG" - Signle Winner

Bet on fav

Lay Tote Bet

 Wait until a few minutes before the start of the race, and then use oddschecker.com to look up the lowest current odds of your selection at the bookies. Use this figure to calculate how much to lay.

 Bet on fav

Remember to convert your back stake from Euros to GBP before calculating your lay.

 XE Covert

Work out how much to lay and match the tote bet off. 

 Matched Bet

Add Transaction

Balance After Completing Offer

The actual amount that a tote bet returns isn’t determined until after the race.

Once the race is finished, settle your bet.

If your selection lost (i.e. lay bet won), simply settle your bet and you’ve completed the offer.

If your selection won (i.e. back bet won), settle your bet and then go to Zeturf and check your balance. Convert the Euros balance to pounds and enter it below to record the actual return you received from the tote bet.

New Balance (£)*

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