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£25 Free Bet

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Please be aware that this offer is for Scottish residents only. To complete this offer you will need to join Mcbookie and deposit £25. You will then need to place a £25 bet and lay it off at the exchange. Once you have done this, you will be credited a £25 bonus. You will then need to wager this through 4 times (£100 worth of bets), whilst of course laying these bets off on the exchange to complete the offer.

Only valid for Scottish Residents
Exchange Accounts

You need an account with at least: £25.00

Bookmaker Balance

Open McBookie account & deposit £25. View what you need to know.

Qualifying Bet

Make sure your odds are shown in decimals. How to change McBookie from fractions to decimals

You need to place a bet of £25.00 at odds of at least 2.00.

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Free Bet

Place your Free £25.00 Bet at odds of at least 2.00

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Wagering Required: £125.00

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