Yesbets Affiliate Program

Join the Yesbets affiliate program and you can earn recurring monthly revenue for every member that you send to us. Our payouts are amongst the most generous in the industry, so there’s never a better time to spread the word about the amazing benefits that Yesbets membership brings.

Yesbets Affiliate Program

How much will I earn?

We offer affiliates 50.3% of the net payment that we receive each month from a premium membership. To calculate this we take the £14.99, subtract the VAT and payment processing fees and give you 50.3% of what’s left over. This equates to £5.93 per month for every active user that you refer to us..

If a premium member joins for the year, you’ll receive £59.40 commission and that’s recurring too.

Joining is simple, once you fill out the form, we’ll look into your application and once successful you can promote Yesbets right away.

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