The Team

Well Howdy folks, so you’ve come to find out a little more about the crazy kids that run Yesbets? Well read on and find out who makes the tea, who buys the biscuits and who out of us is actually a Jedi

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  • Mark


    Mark looks after the cash. If we need to buy extra forks for the kitchen, Mark’s the guy we go to. And he tells us to eat with our fingers. Mark is on a mission to spread the Matched Betting word. He’s got a great spread.

  • Daryl


    Daryl is the Yesbets equivalent of Howling Mad Murdoch. Not only does he hate the smell of ammonia and love to fly (paper) planes, he’s the man with the tools. Daryl’s the self-confessed tech geek, the man who makes the cogs go round. You know he’s thinking when he’s got a pen in his mouth.

  • Liam


    Philosopher, Architect, Dreamweaver. These are all nouns with which Liam would like to be able to describe himself. That said, he has a keen eye for detail and can make a killer cup of tea. According to the General Census, Liam is still officially a Jedi.

  • Pawan


    Content and Copy. The others write the content, Pawan copies it. Not only has Pawan mastered the art of appearing busy, he’s also not afraid to ask the rest of the team the questions that Google would be happy to answer. But where would be the fun in that?