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Take a look at our slot database below and compare slot RTP or house edge across hundreds of slots byt major providers. You can sort by RTP, variance or provider. Once you find a slot that suits your needs, you can see where this slot is available to play from major online casinos.

Who Doesn’t Love Slot Bonuses?!

Online slots are one of the most popular ways of playing on an online casino and is no doubt one of the highest ‘money-makers’ for the bookmaker. These are truly a lot of fun and when you hit those bonus spins, see that money role in as the huge multiplier goes off your first spin!

Slot bonus offers offer a service to entice customers in playing slots and see the amount of offers available. These are often shown in new games, common trends and well-known titles which can be seen across movies and TV Shows. These are added as a form of relatability to the customer and you are more likely to play an online slot related to ‘Game of Thrones’ or ‘The Simpsons.’

Types of offers

To show you the best offers in the slot range, we’ve collated some of the top online casinos who offer scintillating offers on these slots!

Online casinos are once again able to offer bigger and better offers compared to entering your local physical casino! The use of offers are sent to customers such as deposit bonuses, free slot bonuses and best bonus slots.

Deposit bonuses are open to new customers and once an individual makes a specific bonus at a certain value, the bookmakers/casino will tend you reward you accordingly! This could be through the use of free spins or matched deposits. These casino welcome offers are popular within online casinos such as LeoVegas, Mansion Casino and Genting.

As we look into those specific casinos, they may even do better than match your original stake and with the welcome bonus, x 200% which will give you even more money to bargain with! These are some of the most popular offers when opening up with slots as hunters tend to look for stake matches and free spins!

The T&C’s!

Of course, with these types of offers, terms and conditions are a must to be read as always; so, make sure you know of all the ins and outs before you get started. These can become slightly more complicated with online slot bonuses, but don’t be put off as this is a legal requirement in the UK to state factual conditions when it comes to casinos.

The terms and conditions can see a number of things discussed usually as we have to ask a number of things when starting with a new casino. Wagering requirements, minimum and maximum deposits, qualifying games and maximum amount earned are all huge question marks which come to mind upon sign up. A dash over the terms and all will be answered in order to give it a try.

Rare but Worth It

No deposit bonuses in slots are harder to come by, but are use when the casino wants you to try an in particular game or feature which may be new to the site. This could result in free spins being issued on certain games without having to deposit upon registration.

Best bonus slots can be found with ourselves collating all the best casinos and offering the perfect offer for you! There are a number of different bonuses to be shown across the spectrum, simply choose the one that suits your playing needs and get cracking with slot bonuses.

Free slot bonuses are also similar to no deposit and we have a good variety of these on our site. Here, you simply register and deposit to get your free spins within a certain game. This involves ‘wagering’ which is a system in which some casinos allow so you have to spin a fixed amount of times in order to withdraw any winnings you may have produced across that certain product.

Slots for everyone

Similar to other sections of a casino, bookmakers may offer cross-product spins which sees the likes of ‘sportsbook’ and ‘bingo’ users earn free spins in order to see what a game feels like. This gives yourself the opportunity to get into a new game and gain a positive feel into the life of slots! These could range from 10 free spins worth 10p a piece or 1 ‘Golden Chip’ worth £1 as an example.

We’d recommend trying out the ‘Free Spins’ offers for sure upon registration, especially if they’re no deposit! As discussed beforehand, these are rare and awesome if you manage to find one out there; you could simply get your hands on some free cash! If you’re new to this sort of product then this will give you the easiest way of exploring the world of slots and gaining a feel for how the games are run.

Although these are the best ones, it’s important to gain a feel from the casino regardless of what you are rewarded. The casino has to suit your needs and must feel fun in order to return in the future. If this is the case and you’re having fun with the site, you could receive better offers in the future and a more advantageous future over the coming months.

Never Fear

As fun as these can be, limits are offered and recommended when signing up to a slots product. This isn’t something to be intimidated by, but this is a legal requirement and optional when signing to any bookmakers or casino. The slots will offer you the option to limit your staking over a certain period of time, whether this be a week or 30 days; this protects you from over-spending and is all in aid of producing the fun!

This has been a great thing implemented over the past few years as the gambling commission looks to keep reputable casinos keeping their customers safe and sound across their journey. This is nothing to fear and nothing to worry about so just be aware that this is a service bookmakers offer, especially within slot bonuses!

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