When it comes to boxing free bets, Yesbets has everything you need. We search the major online bookmakers to bring you the very best boxing betting offers for both new and existing customers. Whether it’s a heavyweight unification bout or an amateur boxing title fight, we’ll bring you the best boxing tips to get you the biggest returns for your stake.

One of the oldest!

Surprisingly, the historical sport of boxing is seen as one of the oldest sports in the world that has supported betting. In fact, boxing in general is a much older sport than many in terms of a group of people or two individuals heading into a fight!

With the submergence of the sport coming in the last 50 years, and the use of gambling on boxing, this sport continues to show its impressiveness on the international stage and is now one of the most popular sports on Earth.

Now shown with most bookmakers, you can almost find a boxing market wherever you go and with the likes of MMA also on the rise, could this become one of the richest and competitive sports around?

The History of Boxing

Fighting in general has of course been around for centuries but in terms of being a professional sport, boxing was first introduced into the official Olympic Games in 1904 when it was held in St Louis, Missouri. Here we saw heavyweight, Sam Berger, become the first ever gold medallist in a boxing match where we would go on to see thousands more today.

Many of today’s stars have come through the ranks of Olympic boxing such as: Oscar De La Hoya, Amir Khan, Gennady Golovkin and Oleksandr Usyk to name a few. If you are not familiar of these stars then note that the likes of Muhammed Ali came through the 1960’s Olympics in Rome along with George Foreman, Alexander Povetkin and Anthony Joshua most recently.


Quick Punchers & Heavy Hitters

Sections in boxing can become confusing however as there are a number of belts and weights out there to keep an eye on. The weights can be separated into 17 different weight classes ranging from 48kg all the way to 91kg+ which of course will be defined as heavyweight.

In general terms, heavyweight boxers are often the most popular and well-known and if we think about the world’s elite class of boxers; we think of the likes of Ali, Foreman, Vladimir Klitschko and now potentially Joshua along with Tyson Fury.

These sorts of fights will certainly turn heads worldwide and when there is interest on a certain fight, the bookies will always come calling!

Types of Boxing Betting

As with many sports, outright betting is also the most popular form of betting in boxing. This is especially common on a fight night where a lot of punters tend to add a solid accumulator into their betting slip which could be very profitable towards the end of an evening.

Another form of betting is to add a certain round in which a boxer could win the fight. This is also a very popular way in which punters will look to gain some form of profit and this is often shown with Round One being the most common bet than someone will place to see a knockout.

Boxing Betting Offers

Bookmakers such as CoralPaddy Power and Betfred will also add in good trebles on the day of a fight which will often be enhanced compared to other competitors. This option of enhanced offers is also a very common punt in which boxing fans keep an eye out for and there is a perfect good reason why because this is often one of the best ways to make money and have fun!

In particular, Coral offer a #YourCall bet where followers on social media accounts such as Twitter and Facebook will recommend a bet for a big fight! If acknowledged, Coral will often match this up and add it to their markets for thousands of punters to get involved with. If you see a big fight coming up, why not get involved and drop Coral a message to see if they can price up your punt!

Coral #YourCall

A fight not heading in the way you wish? Don’t worry, most bookmakers can offer a cash-out system where you can make a decision based on how you think the fight is going. Is your fighter looking on top but has a weak chin?! Then it could be time to consider pushing that button…

With promotions only coming once so often and will look to avoid smaller fights, bookmakers will tend to look ahead to TV fights and those who look to be of interest within the general public.

An example of this would be William Hill who look to show off some good offers and promotions before a big fight and with plenty of heavyweight bouts on the horizon, be sure to keep an eye out on their promotions page to take advantage. William Hill also offer an extensive range of markets within boxing which can see specific markets towards how someone will win the fight and something to cater every punter in how they think the fight will pan out.

William Hill also offers an excellent streaming services to those who already have accounts when you can watch your chosen fight and enjoy the action to cheer on your chosen competitor!

Betfair with their exchange is also a solid option for hardcore boxing fans where you can lay a bet against your chosen fighter! Even their sportsbook markets will offer an extensive layout of terrific choices ahead of a big fight on a Saturday in front of the TV!

Our favourite punt?

Be sure to keep an eye on who the two fighters are. Are they dirty? Do they sometimes go below the belt? The points removed market is a personal favourite of ours and we love a bit of controversy for a record-breaking title fight on a Saturday! This option is rather a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ option to have a chosen fighter get a point deducted and will leave your chosen one gets disqualified…

With fights not becoming so frequent as they would compare to the likes of UFC, there could be an argument that more money could be inputted on an annual basis in this country in comparison. After all, boxing is the United Kingdom’s number one sport and looks like it will be for a number of years into the future.

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