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No matter what sport you’re into, we’ve got the hottest free betting tips to help you improve your chances. Our outstanding team of experts have the inside info to help give you that winning edge. Sadly, there’s no such thing as a guaranteed win, no matter what you might read elsewhere. However, spending a bit of time to read the latest info can give you a head start with your predictions and increase the odds.

Here at Yesbets, we search the web for the best betting tips available for a huge range of sports, from football, rugby and tennis through to boxing, NFL, golf and horse racing - plus much more! We’ve even got the lowdown on games such as darts. We bring you the roundup from the best online tipsters that do the research to save you the effort, giving you all the intel you need to place the best possible bet. You won’t find any out of date information at Yesbets - all our tips are hot off the press and gathered using our considerable network of contacts.

We like to see people winning. When you place a winning bet, it spurs us on to bring you even more free betting tips. Sports betting is what we’re all about and we’re perfectly placed to collect the best information the market has to offer. Combine our betting tips with any number of free bets from UK bookmakers and we can really help you to max out your possible winnings.

On this page you’ll find tips which are so hot they’re practically on fire. Scorching off the press, we only publish tipsters that have the most up to date information around. Don’t think about placing a bet until you’ve checked out our tips section; the sports betting market can change like the wind and you don’t want to get caught out! Bookmark this page and take advantage of the free tips on offer to all our customers.

What Type Of Betting Tips Are Available?

Betting tips come in all shapes and sizes, for all types of sports (more on that later) and from a wide range of sources. One of the first things to consider when following betting tips, is the type of strategy you want to follow. Do you want frequent smaller wins? If you do, then following predictions that are backing markets with lower odds is probably the thing to go for. Betting Challenges like £10 -£1000, run by a number of online tipsters may also be a good option.

If you don’t mind waiting for a win, but when it comes in it’s much bigger (and often more profitable), then following free accumulator tips, or long odds horse racing tips may be an option that’s more suitable. It will mean that you have periods where you are losing bets more frequently than you are winning, but the big wins will outweigh all the combined stakes of losing bets if you pick a profitable tipster.

There is such a large range of betting strategies employed by various tipsters and one size does not fit all. Before you jump in, it’s important to understand exactly what strategy the tipster is using and the frequency of expected wins. This will help you decide what value to place on each point that you stake, so that you can ride out the losing streaks.

At Yesbets we search the web collating all the free tips from reputable sources. It’s then up to you to pick the ones that suit your betting style.

What Sports Can I Find Tips For?

Everything! Our tipsters love all sports and squirrelling out the latest news and information is what they do for fun. The tips you’ll see listed on this page will depend on what sports are on; we follow the sporting calendar to make sure you get the tips that you’re looking for.

We have:

New tips are being added all the time so keep checking back for the latest info.

In addition to our usual tips, when there’s a big sporting event such as Cheltenham Gold Cup or the World Cup, we’ll go into greater depth with dedicated betting guides. These combine our collation of tips with exclusive promotions and free bets, so you get the best value from your betting.

Are Free Betting Tips Just For UK Punters?

Yesbets is a UK betting site and this means that all of our betting offers are open to UK residents. However anyone can follow the tips on Yesbets as long as you can find a bookmaker that will take bets in your country and it is legal to do so. The likes of William HillBet365, Sportpesa, 888sport, bwin and betway support betting in countries outside of the UK

What’s the Strategy for Following Free Betting Tips?

You might just be looking at our betting tips for some inspiration or suggestions for a market to have a bet on and that’s certainly one way to use our free tips. However if you decide to follow a tipster service, or one particular tipster then to get the same results as those published you will need to put the same bets on as the tipster every day. If you miss a day and all the bets win, the tipsters published profit will look far better than your results do.

There is no predicting when the wins will come from any tipping service and to ensure that your results are the same, you cannot miss a day.

You also need to ensure that you get the same odds as the tipser when you place your bets. This can be hard sometimes, especially with popular tips. All too often you may find that the odds have been slashed when you come to look at the market that has been tipped up, meaning you get a lower payout than what’s published. It’s important to act fast or pick smaller tipsters that fly under the radar.

Pricewise is one of the biggest tips from Racing Post is one of the more well known tipping services and some bookmakers have agreed to hold the quoted odds for Pricewise tips for a certain period of time in the morning (limited staking applies).

I´m New to Betting - Can I Dive Right In?

Our free betting tips cater for all types of punter, whether you’re looking to place a straight fixed odds bet or a promising accumulator. We’ll publish our tips in an easy to understand format. If you’re not sure about anything, just ask!

If you’re a complete novice we’d recommend familiarising yourself with the different types of bets available in our guide to betting. Familiarising yourself with our glossary of abbreviations and betting terms is a pretty good idea too.

How much time do I need to spend researching before placing a bet?

There’s no right or wrong answer to this, it really is entirely up to you. A lot will depend on how well you know the market already.

For example, if you’re a mad-keen footie fan you probably have a good idea of the form of the Premiership teams and the players who have found their sweet spot. A quick run-through of the latest team news alongside our tips and stats could be all you need to be in prime position. By contrast, if you’ve decided to bet on the J-league you might need to spend a bit longer getting to know all the important facts.

You really don’t need to spend hours before you bet, particularly if you’re just betting for a bit of fun, but if you go in completely blind you could miss a great opportunity to win big.

What Is a Staking Plan and Why You Need One

A staking plan determines how much you should place for each bet that you make. Managing your betting bankroll is absolutely crucial when you are following betting tips. You need to ensure that you can absorb any losing streaks (which will occur from time to time) until your bank is replenished from winning bets. The simplest is probably the fixed staking plan where you stake the same amount for every tip that you follow.

Some tipsters use a points system. They will publish the tips and then say how many points to bet on the tip. An example would look like this. Man City to win - 1 point. When tipsters use a points system you need to decide how much 1 point is worth and then multiply this by the number of points suggested.

To determine an appropriate value of a point for your betting bank,when you first start, take your overall betting bank and divide it by 100. So if you had £1000 divide by 100 and you would stake £10 per point. Stick to this level for 3 months or until you betting bank has increased or decreased by 30%.

By calculating your point value in this way, you would need to lose 100 bets in a row before you lost your entire betting bank. It is important to stick toy your staking plan regardless of how results go. Chasing losses or getting greedy can see your betting bank wiped out very quickly.

How Do I Know If the Betting Tips Are Profitable?

If you are following a tipster, you want to always take a look at the proofing, especially if it’s a paid service. Proofing is the recording of the bets, stake and the odds and then calculating the ROI based on this data. It is normally presented in a graph format against a defined time period. Wherever possible we will try and publish proofing alongside tipsters if we have the data available.

If you are using our free betting tips as more of a guide, to confirm your opinion, or just for some inspiration, then proofing is less important, because you aren’t following them on a long term basis.

Why should I trust Yesbets’ tips?

At the end of the day, it’s entirely up to you whether you follow any of the tips that we list. You’ll find a constant stream of new and updated information and whether you decide to factor it into your bet is up to you. If you choose not to, that’s fine - we’ll still be here doing our thing.

While we can’t promise you an absolute win every time, what we can promise is an analytical approach using all the available data such as form, history, weather, head-to-head, trends and surfaces. Using these statistics together with news, inside information and the considerable experience of our tipsters, we create the best betting tips that we think will make a difference.

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