Getting Started With Matched Betting

Take a look at our tutorials that will teach you the basics of matched betting, how it works and how to get started.

Matched Betting
  • Matched Betting 101
  • SNR Free Bet Walkthrough

    SNR Free Bet Walkthrough

    SNR free bets from bookmakers are a very common bonus awarded by bookmakers and are one of the easiest to extract for guaranteed profit for matched betting purposes. This tutorial will talk you through the what stake not returned free bets are and how to unlock them when matched betting.

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  • Coral Sign Up Offer

    Get Started With Coral. Make £15 Profit

    The first offer that we recommend is the Coral welcome offer. You will receive £20 in free bets and can expect to make around £15 profit. Our Coral tutorial will take you through step with video instructions.

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  • community

    Matched Betting 1-2-1 Support

    Each new member is offered a 30 minute one to one live chat to help with any matched betting questions you may have. We currently run 1-2-1 sessions every Wednesday. Please drop us a line below to book in a time. We recommend all members have been through all the below articles before booking in a session

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  • All SNR Sign Up Offers

    All SNR Free Bets Sign Up Offers

    When it comes to matched betting, SNR (stake not returned) free bet welcome offers are the easiest to complete and make a risk free profit from. Here we list all the latest bookie welcome offers that come with an SNR free bet when you join and place a bet. Work through the list and you can make between £100 & £300 just from completing these offers.

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  • Smarkets Sign Up Offer

    Smarkets Sign Up Offer

    Smarkets are offering customers a £10 refund on their first losing bet if they deposit £20. To take advantage of this offer, you’ll need to join Smarkets and deposit £20. You will then need to use them as an exchange to lay off one of your bets from one of the bookmakers. If the bet loses in Smarkets, you will receive the first £10 refunded to your account.

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  • Twitter

    Twitter - Follow Us

    Get The Best Offers First. We publish all of the very best offers that we find via our twitter feed. Follow us today and never miss a free bet again.

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  • First Bet Refund Walkthrough

    First Bet Refund Bonus Walkthrough

    First Bet Refund offers will provide you with a free SNR bet only if your first bet loses. You can still extract these for a guaranteed profit and this will show you exactly how to do it. Read on to see how they work and how you can make a profit from them.

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  • Firtst Bet Refund Offers

    All 1st Bet Refund Sign Up Offers

    First bet refund welcome offers may not be as lucrative for matched betting as SNR free bets, but they are still worth completing as they offer the opportunity to generate yet more risk free cash to build up your betting bank. Here you will find all the latest welcome offers for new customers that provide a first bet refund for matched betting purposes.

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  • Low Risk Casino Sign Up Offers

    Low Risk Casino Sign Up Offers

    Check out our low risk Casino bonuses for new customers. The offers that you’ll find on this page carry a lower than average risk. This can mean lower wagering or lower deposit amounts to access the offer. Whilst the bonuses may be smaller, they represent a lower chance of busting out.

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  • Price Boost Walkthrough

    Price Boost Walkthrough

    Profit boost and enhanced odds mean the same thing. In terms of welcome offers it means that the odds are boosted or enhanced. This will present you with a huge arb opportunity that you can take advantage of whilst matched betting. Read this tutorial on how to lock in guaranteed profit with these offers.

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  • Price Boost Sign Up Offers

    All Price Boost Sign Up Offers

    Price boosts can create an arbitrage opportunity whilst matched betting, allowing you to lay for lower odds than you back at, resulting in guaranteed profit. The biggest price boosts are reserved for new customers and you will find them all here. With one bet you can lock in as much as £30 profit if the welcome offer is extraordinary. We’ll publish all price boosts for new customers that can make a profit whilst matched betting, here.

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  • Wagering Walkthrough

    Wagering Walkthrough

    Bookmakers sometimes offer welcome bonuses when you join and make a deposit. This tutorial will talk you through exactly how to take advantage of these offers to lock in a guaranteed profit whilst matched betting, so read on and let us walk you through exactly what you need to do.

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  • Wagering Sign Up Offers

    All Wagering Sign Up Offers

    Welcome offers from bookmakers that carry wagering requirements can be very profitable for people that are matched betting. You sign up, make a deposit and it’s matched with bonus money. You then need to wager these funds a certain amount before you can withdraw. With matched betting, if your first few bets lose, you won’t need to complete the wagering as your funds will all be in your betting exchange account. Here is a list of all the latest welcome offers that carry wagering.

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  • Exchange Offers

    More Exchange Sign Up Offers

    If you want to take up matched betting, you will need to setup betting exchange accounts. Betting exchanges also offer bonuses for signing up with them and here you will find all the latest promotions for new customers. Simply join, take the welcome offer and then use it to lay your other bets off whilst matched betting. The offers on this page are for new customers of each betting exchange, so you won’t be able to take advantage of them if you already have accounts.

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  • Football Index

    Football Index £500 Risk Free for 7 Days

    Football Index is a football trading site – essentially a virtual stock market for football players. Members deposit money with Football Index to buy ‘shares’ in football players, and then try to sell them on for a profit.

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  • Zeturf

    ZEturf Tote Betting Sign Up

    ZEturf offer a €60 welcome bonus that is paid in three €20 instalments over 60 days following sign up.

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