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The Quick Crunch casino bonus calculator runs thousands of simulations on any casino bonus to calculate the expected value of any casino bonus. Enter the figures and we’ll tell you the true value of the offer as well as the percentage chance of busting out. You can enter different bonus types, house edge and variance of games to work out how to play each offer for maximum value.

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  • Bet Types

    Bonus Types

    Cashable Bonus - A cashable bonus means that once you have completed the wagering you can withdraw the bonus as cash. Typically once you have fulfilled the wagering requirements the bonus will be combined with your existing balance and you will be able to withdraw all funds.

    Sticky Bonus - A sticky bonus is non withdrawable and can be used for wagering purposes only. For example if you get a 100% sticky bonus and you deposit £10, you will have £20 to play with. Once you have finished wagering, you will be able to withdraw your balance minus the £10 sticky bonus.

    Refund Bonus - A refund bonus is fairly self explanatory. You deposit using your own funds and if you lose you will receive a refund up to a certain amount. An example may be, deposit £10, get a £10 refund if you lose.

    Post Wager Bonus - A post wager bonus is applied to your account after you have completed a certain amount of wagering. For example Deposit £10 and get a £10 bonus after you have wagered £100.

    Free Spins - Free spins bonuses are exactly what they say they are. You receive a number of free spins. For the purposes of the Quick Crunch these are free spins that are awarded without requiring a deposit and wagering of an initial balance.

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  • Attributes


    Deposit Amount - Enter the amount that you are looking to deposit in this box.

    Bonus Amount - Enter your bonus amount in this box. Remember that your bonus will probably vary depending on how much you deposit.

    Wagering - Enter the amount of wagering that you must complete to finish the offer. For example if you receive a bonus that must be wagered X10, that would require £100 of wagering before you can withdraw.

    Target - With sticky bonus and refund bonuses, enter a target value that you hope to get to whilst playing the offer. The higher the number the greater the chance of busting out.

    Max Cashback - Enter the maximum available from cashback on a refund offer in this box.

    Free Spins - For Free Spins offers, enter the number of free spins that you will receive in this box.

    Max Winnings - Some bonuses only allow you to withdraw a certain amount when completing the offer. If there is a maximum winning amount allowed, enter the value here.

    Wager Winnings - With refund bonuses, sometimes the bonus must be wagered before you can withdraw. If the refund bonus needs to be wagered, entered the value of wagering that needs to be completed before you can withdraw it.

    Bet Size - To work out the expected value and bust out percentage, you can alter the bet size. Usually the higher the bet size, the higher the bust out rate but the higher the EV (expected value) of the offer.

    House Edge - Enter the house edge of the game you are looking to play here. Remember that this is the opposite value to the RTP (return to player), so if a game has an RTP of 95%, the house edge will be 5%. All games need to show the house edge, although it can be tricky to find sometimes.

    Variance - The variance relates to the frequency of payouts and their value. Low variance slots pay out smaller winnings more frequently, whilst high variance slots pay out larger wins less frequently.

    Type - Enter the game type that you are looking to play here. You can choose from slots, blackjack and roulette.

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