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The History of Online Casinos

After the first claimed online casino opened up in 1994, online casinos are growing much faster than anyone could have predicted. Micrograming based in the Isle of Man claim to take on the title as ‘the first’ with their only game being CashSplash. Bookmakers will have one up on casino’s through the use of bonuses and offers which entice customers to play wherever and whenever.

The fixed odds regime and tactical approach from persons differ, it could be a lucky number or a house number for roulette! But, with the chance of winning something much bigger is a huge lure into seeing those extra bonuses and free spins. With the older generation who grew up around this environment, the use of technology becomes easier which will give those the enjoyment away from home.

Who doesn’t love a welcome offer?

Casino welcome bonuses are offered by all bookmakers, whether their history is in sportsbook or vegas, casino and games will offer the highest enticement due to ‘fixed odds’ However, players are most likely to be hooked in by the most popular casino game, roulette and blackjack.

Welcome bonuses will offer a ‘Bet £X Get XXX Free Spins’, these are popular amongst the likes of Betfred, 888Casino and Betfair. Punters will look up to these as solid opportunities to make the most out of the offers available in the market and earn a profit for what they stake. Many will find that the ‘Free Spins’ earned, will often result to more than they would deposit upon first signing to the online bookies.


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Read the Terms and Conditions

As we will look into this matter further, looking at the T&Cs will of course differ from online casino’s as some of these ‘Free Spins’ may only result in being 10p per spin. Be sure to keep an eye out for these as they tend to match the amount staked in order for the casino to make a profit. Regardless, if you catch that lucky jackpot – there is some heavy worth.

However, winnings from an online casino using their bonuses may have a cap to how much you can earn from your free spins. So be sure that those terms and conditions are checked once again.

No Deposit Casino Bonuses

A ‘no deposit casino bonus’ will look to appeal beyond the average casino punter who will look to take advantage of general welcome bonuses. Casino’s, along with games, take up 25% of all online revenue within bookmakers; overlooking the likes of sportsbook and bingo.

The likes of William Hill, Grosvenor Casinos and require basic eligibility tests in order to claim the free bonus as this will be the closest thing to getting ‘free cash.’ These bonuses will give a user a taste test into what the online casino is like and potentially deposit further depending on how their experience went.

As with any welcome offer, stake or no stake, a good read of the T&Cs will prove to be important as you may have to ‘Opt In’ on the offer or add in a coupon in order to activate the free bets. This could outline the potential having a negative experience with the bookies, so be sure to make sure all terms and conditions are outlined in order for you to receive your casino bonuses.

Keep an eye out for those cross-offers

Offers such as these can be seen on daily basis, whether this is in between sporting events on TV or advertisements after a certain time in the UK, casinos will always look to lure new customers in. General bookmakers will also try to entice customers into using their other products.

So, if you’re a fan of sportsbook, whether that be tennis or football; companies such as Ladbrokes will offer you a £1 Free Golden Chip to use on Live Roulette. Whether victorious or not, this gives you the chance to try something new on the site in an attempt to get you playing again. This is definitely worth it, so next time you receive a bet drop – be sure to take advantage!

VIP Customers

Depending on how much is staked too, bookmakers tend to give out different bonuses to different people. VIP customers for a casino with enter high stakes, therefore are more likely to pick up extra free spins and a higher worth of free bets.

The joy with being a VIP customer may also see the online casino/bookmaker go on trips such as football matches, race days etc. This is a way to say thank you from the casino and would often cover you for the full experience. Customers in the past have seen exclusive tickets to the Grand National in horse racing and even Wembley Stadium matches in football, so it would be worth it.

Are they worth it?

Since the introduction of online Casinos, this has been debated as to whether it’s an improvement on walking into a physical casino. With the amount of offers available and the potential of dynamic staking to suit you, then yes of course it is! Our offers show you some of the most suited in order to feel that’s its worth signing up.

Once you’ve signed up, give yourselves a chance to go through the different offers and see which one suits your stakes in order to have the best and safest time. If you’re new to the online casino sign up situation, then we recommend looking for the ‘no deposit’ options where as we have discussed before.

Get involved straight away, have fun and most importantly – check those Terms and Conditions carefully in order to avoid having a negative experience with the Online casino.

See our offers provided to what suits you the best!

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