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Potentially the most live-entertaining sport on Earth and much loved across the United Kingdom, darts is a sport like no other. Anyone can play darts, whether it’s down the pub or in your kitchen – it’s a sport for everyone! However, only the elite make it to the huge matches we see on our TV’s and with the historical likes of Phil Taylor and Eric Bristow, this sport has gained the support of millions!

The History of Darts

Like many other sports, darts doesn’t seem to have a solid history in terms of where it has come from and why it was formed. Many theories have been knocking around but the most significant one comes from during the reign of King Henry VII. During his reign between 1509-1547, Henry’s archers were said to have become bored and started practising on some targets.

But, with the typical English weather stopping their fun; the game then moved indoors. Another theory around this saw that during the winter, the archers would move inside away from the cold and use ‘darts’ as in-between shifts protecting the then King and his soon six wives that followed.

The dart board that we all know and love today was invented by Brian Gamlin in 1896. The Bury-born carpenter also invented the numbers system that we see on the board and is said to have made this as a sobriety test for those who had one to many in the pub.

Darts Competitions

With thousands of people attending just one event across the calendar year, darts is very much treated as a giant party filled with laughter and beer. But, on the ‘oche’, the players are very much competitive to make sure that they’re one of the best. There’s a number of competitions in which they do this.

The competition which is popular on TV is the Premier League Darts which is shown on a regular basis. This takes places right across the country and features the top four darts players and four wildcards who then endure a round-robin throughout the year to see who comes out on top!

Darts Competitions

The PDC World Championship allows the world’s best to come into play and takes place at the Alexandra Palace in London each year. The most successful individual to win this accolade is Phil Taylor who has won it a record 16 times. Although the current reigning champion is Peter Wright who defeated Michael Van Gerwen in February 2020.

Following on from the two most popular competitions is the World Professional Championship which takes place at the famous Lakeside Country Club venue in Surrey.

What Can I Bet On?

The most popular bet in darts will look towards the outright markets at the start of a major competition. Whether this be your favourite personality such as Peter Wright at outside odds or you choose Michael Van Gerwen who is currently the world’s best!

Outright bets can also be placed well in advance before a major tournament as well as on the evening of the event. Darts bets are also known to be popular among punters who prefer accumulator’s. This is because it usually makes great viewing for an evening and as we have discussed previously with UFC, it adds to the excitement when you have something on the matches ahead and have someone to cheer on!

Betfred Darts Markets

The odds in these matches usually vary as darts can become a very unpredictable sport! Early rounds of competitions could see a particular huge surprise and this could add some value to many punters!

Another way of betting in darts is using leg betting where you can actually bet on whether a player will win a certain leg. This is also replicated for set betting before a match and this can even be done during in-play markets. If you believe a match is balancing one way more than the other then this could be a good opportunity to have a punt on this, especially if you’re watching it on TV!

Darts Betting In-Play

Betting in-play will also offer markets on how many 180’s will be hit per player, which can add to the sinicilating viewing and hearing the atmosphere roar is just superb!

One of the rarest sights in darts is to see a nine-dart finish and has only been completed by the world’s elite. Seeing a nine-dart finish could see odds of up to 100/1 with some bookmakers and even higher depending on the competition.

Who Shall I Bet With?

If we were to look at specific bookmakers who give out the best odds and offers, Unibet would particularly be one of our best choices as they offer a huge amount around the specific time of year as well as Betfred who will have a number of promotions on.

William Hill also offer extensive news research into upcoming matches and usually have the odds to replicate their success of this. This will also be popular among punters for in-play betting where Betfair and 888Sport end to lead the pack with the amount that’s actually on offer over the course of the sets.

Betfair Darts

Darts Betting Tips

Some darts betting tips would often see odds sway in the way of Van Gerwen with the Dutchman leading the sport over the course of the last few years since Phil ‘The Power’ Taylor’s retirement. He is also only 31-years old, which potentially elates to that fact that there is plenty to come from him in the next couple of years.

Often, he will be favourite, but odds with Paddy Power see him in a respectable 3/1 for the Premier League Darts. Peter Wright shortly follows with odds of 4/1 and is known for being quite the character upon the oche. That World Championship with in February will no doubt see high expectations for ‘Snakebite’ as he looks to have turned the table over the last five years.

PP Darts
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