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Need some help with matched betting? Then check out our detailed guides and articles here. We’ll talk you through everything from the basics, to the most advanced concepts of all things betting. Take a look and have a read.

  • Placing Your Qualifying Bet

    Placing Your Qualifying Bet

    Now that you have opened both your exchange and bookmaker accounts, you are ready to start placing some matched bets and generating some profit. Follow the steps below to place your qualifying bet. This will unlock the free bets that will generate your profit. .. #matched-betting

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  • Placing Your Free Bet

    Placing Your Free Bet

    Once you have placed your qualifying bet, you will be given 4 £5 free bets to use at Coral. The process works in the same way as the qualifying bets, but this time you are placing your bets at the bookmaker with their money and not your own. This is where you can make you.. #matched-betting

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  • Why Use Paypal?

    Why Use Paypal?

    A lot of betting sites accept PayPal for deposits and best of all they don’t charge a handling fee. By using PayPal you can deposit quickly and, more importantly, you can withdraw quickly, meaning you can move onto new offers faster. We also recommend that you deposit funds into your PayPal a.. #matched-betting #matched-betting-101

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  • Glossary


    Normal Bet A normal bet is a bet that has no restrictions and your stake is returned. For example if you were to place a £10 bet at odds of 5.0 and it won, you would receive £40 profit plus your £10 stake back. You will usually be placing normal bets as qualifiers to get a free.. #matched-betting #matched-betting-101

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  • Price Boost Walkthrough

    Price Boost Walkthrough

    Profit boost and enhanced odds mean the same thing. In terms of welcome offers it means that the odds are boosted or enhanced. This will present you with a huge arb opportunity that you can take advantage of whilst matched betting. Read this tutorial on how to lock in guaranteed profit with these of.. #matched-betting #walkthrough

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  • Wagering Walkthrough

    Wagering Walkthrough

    Bookmakers sometimes offer welcome bonuses when you join and make a deposit. This tutorial will talk you through exactly how to take advantage of these offers to lock in a guaranteed profit whilst matched betting, so read on and let us walk you through exactly what you need to do. What is Wagering?.. #matched-betting #walkthrough

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  • What Is a Rule 4 (RF)?

    What Is a Rule 4 (RF)?

    If you are matched betting on horses, you will inevitably come across a Rule 4 at some point. Most people first discover them when they look at their betting history and find that they have been paid (sometimes a lot) less than the stated return when they placed the bet. There is generally no need t.. #matched-betting #horse-racing

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  • Reloads Basic Tutorial

    Reloads Basic Tutorial

    Reloads are promotions that bookmakers offer in order to entice existing customers into returning, depositing, and betting more. These offers are the key to making long-term profit from matched betting after you’ve completed all of the available sign-up offers.  Reloads vary in difficult.. #reloads

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  • Betfair 100% Bonus On Net Winnings

    Betfair 100% Bonus On Net Winnings

    Betfair sometimes offer net winnings boosts to some customers. You’ll be notified by email if you’ve received one of these offers. They can be for different amounts, but the most common is a 100% winnings boost up to £50. There are two main options for taking advantage of this offe.. #reloads

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  • How to Complete Reloads

    How to Complete Reloads

    You are probably reading this guide either because you are running out of sign up offers to do and want to keep building your betting bank, or you are keen to maximise your profits from matched betting. The first thing to say is that if you haven’t completed 80%+ of the welcome offers, make s.. #reloads

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  • Betfair 100% Cash Refund

    Betfair 100% Cash Refund

    Betfair sometimes offer net exchange losses refunds to some customers. You’ll be notified by email if you’ve received one of these offers. They can be for different amounts, but the most common is 100% losses refunded up to £50. It’s important that you place only one exchange.. #reloads

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  • Bet £X Get £Y Free Bet

    Bet £X Get £Y Free Bet

    These are one of the best reload types available as they offer guaranteed profit. You tend to get a lot of these around large horse racing and sporting events. Some will be time or event sensitive (bet £10 today, get £10 free tomorrow, bet £10 on the Day 1 of the Cheltenham Festiva.. #reloads

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  • Bet £X, Get £Y Free In-Play Bet

    Bet £X, Get £Y Free In-Play Bet

    This is another variation on the bet £X get £Y free, however you will get the free bet on an in play market of a football match. To complete these offers you simply place your qualifying bet, then you will need to place a matched bet on the in play market. We can’t get odds on the.. #reloads

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  • 888 Goals Mean More

    888 Goals Mean More

    The 888 Goals Mean More reload offer is one of the most lucrative reload offers available. It’s very easy to complete and offers free bets for the whole season. This year the offer revolves around the Championship teams that 888 are sponsoring and include: Nottingham Forest Birming.. #reloads #football

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  • Double Winnings Up To £X

    Double Winnings Up To £X

    There are several ways to take advantage of double winnings reloads. Two of the most popular are explained below. Step 1 – Calculate Stake These reloads usually have an upper limit on the amount of winnings that can be boosted, so the first step is to work out the stake you need to bet to re.. #reloads

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  • Bore Draw Refund

    Bore Draw Refund

    The bore draw refund means that you will get your stake refunded as a free SNR bet if the football match that you bet on ends in a 0-0 draw. This offer can be lucrative if you pick games that are likely to be low scoring and you get a close match with a low qualifying loss. How to Complete a Bore D.. #reloads #football

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  • Double/Triple Odds or Winnings

    Double/Triple Odds or Winnings

    With double or triple odds reloads you will receive double/triple the odds or winnings if a certain event or trigger occurs. These reloads occur fairly frequently in football and more specifically in the first goal scorer markets. The trigger sometimes looks like the following. “Place a first.. #reloads

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  • Injury Time Refund

    Injury Time Refund

    With the injury time refund reload you will get your stake back as cash if your bet loses and a goal is scored in injury time. This is a fantastic reload because you do get a lot of goals scored in 90+ minutes. It covers a lot of matches and options so is well worth completing. You can normally get .. #reloads #football

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  • If Bet Loses, Get Free Bet

    If Bet Loses, Get Free Bet

    Reloads that offer you a free bet if your bet loses, with no other triggering conditions, are among the best reloads available. There are two main options for taking advantage of these offers. Option 1 - Lock In Profit You can lock in profit with these offers by using the bet type ‘1st bet r.. #reloads

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  • 2 Up Profit Lock-In

    2 Up Profit Lock-In

    You can use the attached spreadsheet to lock in profit on Paddy Power’s 2 Up – You Win reload if your team goes two up at any point. (Thanks to Adam Dee for sharing this spreadsheet on the facebook group).  Here’s how it works: 1 Place Normal Qualifying Bet Place a bac.. #reloads #football

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  • 2nd Place Horse Racing Refund

    2nd Place Horse Racing Refund

    Place a matched bet on a qualifying race and if your horse comes second you will trigger a refund of your bet. With this reload your horse can come 2nd to any horse in the field. Don’t confuse this with the 2nd Place to SP Favourite Reload, or Refund if Your Horse Loses to the Favourite Reload.. #reloads #horse-racing

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  • 2nd Place to SP Favourite Refund

    2nd Place to SP Favourite Refund

    For this refund you only get it if your horse finished 2nd to the horse that starts the race as favourite. This isn’t as lucrative as the standard 2nd place refund reload but can be worth doing if you pick the right races. You need to place a qualifying bet as per usual but follow some simple .. #reloads #horse-racing

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  • Each Way Matcher Tutorials

    Each Way Matcher Tutorials

    Before proceeding to this tutorial, it is crucial to have read and understood the Basics and Risks tutorial. The each way matcher searches for each way bets that can be backed and laid for potential profits. Before using this tool, you should familiarise yourself with the Each Way Betting B.. #reloads #each-way

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  • Making Profits with Each Way Bets

    Making Profits with Each Way Bets

    Before proceeding to this tutorial, it is crucial to have read and understood the Basics and Risks tutorial. Each way bets can provide good returns for matched bettors, though they are more complex than standard bets and involve some unique risks. Please ensure you have fully read the Basic.. #reloads #each-way

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  • Each Way Betting Basics and Risks

    Each Way Betting Basics and Risks

    Each way matched betting is an advanced process and involves significant risks. Please do not proceed unless you are a highly experienced and confident matched bettor. What Is an Each Way Bet? Each way (E/W) bets are most commonly placed on horse racing. An each way bet is essentially two .. #reloads #each-way

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  • Dragonfish Bingo Strategy

    Dragonfish Bingo Strategy

    A long-standing loophole with Dragonfish bingo software allows us to bypass wagering requirements for first deposits and potentially make good profits. Since these sites are all part of a common network, you should complete these offers one at a time and wait for your winnings to be paid before star.. #matched-betting #bingo

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  • How To Complete A Casino Offer

    How To Complete A Casino Offer

    Assessing Value The first step in completing a casino offer is checking that it’s worth completing. You can use the Quick Cruncher to calculate the two main factors you need to consider: expected value and completion rate. Expected Value Expected value (EV) is the average amount you&rsquo.. #casino

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  • Casino Offer Basic Strategy

    Casino Offer Basic Strategy

    Before starting on more risky casino offers, you need to have a good understanding of how casinos work and what risks are involved. We recommend that you read and understand all of our casino tutorials before you put any of your money at risk. Here are the most important points:   We ca.. #casino

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  • Understanding Expected Value

    Understanding Expected Value

    Expected value (or ‘EV’) is the most important idea to understand when completing casino offers. The EV of a casino offer is basically the average amount you would lose or gain per repetition, if you could repeat the offer an infinite number of times. If an offer has positive EV, then c.. #casino

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  • Casino Bonus Types

    Casino Bonus Types

    What is a Cashable Bonus? Cashable bonuses are bonuses that can be cashed out as soon as wagering has been fulfilled. These are the most common types of bonuses that are awarded to new players. Example Deposit £100 and receive a £100 bonus, with 20X wagering of the bonus. .. #casino

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  • What is Variance?

    What is Variance?

    Variance refers to the way that a video slot pays out its winnings to the player. This tutorial explains how low, medium and high variance slots work and how you should utilise them to maximise the bonus expected value. Low Variance Slots Low variance slots pay out smaller amounts more frequently... #casino

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  • What is a No Deposit Bonus?

    What is a No Deposit Bonus?

    These bonuses will not require you to make a deposit to play in the casino. These are always risk free, as you are not risking your own money. These are often given away on new games to encourage users to try it out. New online casinos also use no deposit bonuses to encoruage signups. In recent .. #casino

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  • How to Play Slots?

    How to Play Slots?

    For the purposes of this article when we talk about slots, we mean video slots, as these are the ones that you will be playing with your bonus cash. There are other types of slots, such as one arm bandits and fruit machines, but these are normally found in brick and mortar casinos and pubs in the UK.. #casino #slots

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  • Slots Myths Explained

    Slots Myths Explained

    There are lots of myths surrounding slots that need to be debunked before you start playing  them. Don’t get sucked in by the bright lights and funky noises. Get your strategy and stick to it. This tutorial aims to debunk a number of popular myths and psychological feelings that you may h.. #casino #slots

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  • Tote Betting Explained

    Tote Betting Explained

    Overview Tote betting is a type of betting that is different from the fixed-odds betting offered by most bookies. In tote betting, bettors select an outcome and bet on it. The money from all bets placed on a market is put into a single pool of funds. A deduction is made by the provider, and then.. #matched-betting #tote

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  • Sunbets Halftime Hero Lock In

    Sunbets Halftime Hero Lock In

    It is possible to lock in profit on Sunbets’ Halftime Hero reload if the team you back is leading at half time. Here’s how it works: 1. Place qualifying bets First, place a qualifying back bet and lay it. There is no known limit on the amount you can bet and qualify for this reload, .. #reloads #football #lock-in

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  • What Are Golden Chips?

    What Are Golden Chips?

    Golden chips are similar to SNR free bets for sports. They allow you to place a bet without using your own cash balance. If your bet with the golden chip wins you do not however receive the stake back with your winnings. Example Offer 5x £1 Premium Blackjack Golden Chips .. #casino

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  • How to Check Offer Terms?

    How to Check Offer Terms?

    This is the way we deal with all reload offers , we produce a simple strategy. For more infomation on this strategy, please see “reload basic tutorial”. Qualifier - Action required to qualiy for the reward Trigger - The conditions that need to be met Reward - The value y.. #casino

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  • Perfect Blackjack Strategy

    Perfect Blackjack Strategy

    Introduction I’m not going to take any credit at all for this one - it all goes to In any of my step by step tutorials for casino offers that I complete, you will often see me opt for wagering my deposit on low stakes blackjack (if the ter.. #casino

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  • Betfair Trading An Introduction

    Betfair Trading An Introduction

    If you’ve been matched betting for a while, you may be looking for additional ways to increase your betting bank. Exchange trading is one route that you can go down and can be very profitable if you are willing to learn, be diligent and stick to the rule. As a matched bet..

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  • Premium - £14.99 Per Month

    Premium - £14.99 Per Month

    Premium Members get access to all of our powerful matched betting tools. The key to success in matched betting is finding odds that are close at the bookmaker and the exchanges, Our powerful OddsMatcher software scans thousands of markets to bring you the best opportunities. As a Premium Member you&..

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  • 10Bet Sign Up Offer

    10Bet Sign Up Offer

    How to claim the 10bet sports welcome offer? Sign up to 10bet (using this link) Deposit up to £200, make sure to select “Got Bonus Code?” and enter code "WB10BET" Receive 50% welcome bonus up to £100 straight away, x6 deposit & bon..

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  • MoPlay Sign Up Offer

    MoPlay Sign Up Offer

    How to claim the [site_name] sports welcome offer? Join MoPlay (via this link) Deposit £10 Placed £10, minimum odds 1.50 Accept the popup once bet has settled Receive 2x £15 free bets

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  • MrGreen Sign Up Offer

    MrGreen Sign Up Offer

    How to claim the [site_name] sign up offer? Click this link Join MrGreen (“create account” link from landing page) Deposit £20 Place a £10 sportsbook bet, minimum odds 3/1 (4.00) Once bet has settled, receive a £10 free accumulat..

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  • Kwiff Sign Up Offer

    Kwiff Sign Up Offer

    How to claim a free Sky Sports Mobile Pass with Kiwff? Fancy a free SkySports mobile pass worth £5.99? Sign up to Kwiff and place your first bet and you’ll receive a unique link (via text message) to claim via Now TV.   Click this link Download th..

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  • 1p Slot List

    1p Slot List

    Below are a list of our go to online “penny slots”. These slots allow you to change the number of lines, so if we have coins per line set to £0.01 and number of lines set to 1, the spin value will be £0.01. Being able to alter the number of lines being played is a useful tech.. #casino

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  • Reload Table

    Reload Table

    We publish all every daily reload offer that we find on our Reloads section. You can refine by sport, guaranteed profit, and bookmaker. Reloads are where you will make your ongoing monthly profit, so this section is an important section for your long term matched betting  strategy.

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  • Low Risk Casino Signups

    Low Risk Casino Signups

    Casino offers can yield great returns over the long term. Start with our low risk casino offers that offer the chance of making a profit without putting too much of your own money at risk.

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  • Write Us A Review!

    Write Us A Review!

    Hopefully by now you’re making regular profits from matched betting. We rely on our members to spread the word and let others know that matched betting is a great way to make consistent profits. If you could spare 5 minutes to leave us a quick review, we’d really appreciate it.

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  • Gubbing & Restricted Accounts

    Gubbing & Restricted Accounts

    Accounts getting restricted (also known as being gubbed) is part and parcel of betting. Read our articles containing great hints and tips on how to avoid getting gubbed so that you can keep those free bets rolling for longer.

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  • 10Bet Sign Up - Step By Step

    10Bet Sign Up - Step By Step

    The 10Bet sign up offer gives us access to a 50% deposit bonus up to £100. So to maximise the offer we can deposit £200 with code “WB10BET” and receive a £100 bonus. You cannot withdraw until you have completed wagering (or lost the entire bonus ba..

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  • Blackjack Low Stakes Wagering

    Blackjack Low Stakes Wagering

    This strategy works well with free spin offers (see caviate below). On our casino sign up page and our casino reload pages, we upload hundreds of casino offers every week, that require you to deposit to claim some free spins. Note - this does not work across the board with.. #casino

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  • Cheltenham Festival Matched Betting Tips & Advice

    Cheltenham Festival Matched Betting Tips & Advice

    PRACTICE RELOADS Make sure that you have familiarised yourself with and practiced the popular horse racing offers before Cheltenham. These include 2nd to SP Fav, 2nd place refund, 4/1 winner, fallers insurance. Try these on a Saturday when ITV is showing racing. Cheltenham e..

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  • LeoVegas Sign Up Offer

    LeoVegas Sign Up Offer

    How to claim the LeoVegas sports welcome offer? Click this link Sign up to LeoVegas (select "Sports Bonus") Deposit £10 Receive100% profit boost on an in-play bet up to £100 extra winnings ( make sure to tick the “100% Profit Boost&rdqu..

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