Lucky 15 bets are used in many sports but they’re particularly popular in horseracing and offer an improved chance of a win. Hardly surprising when you’re backing 15 different horses though, right? Whoah there….a Lucky 15 doesn’t mean you’re betting on 15 horses. In fact, you’d be betting on just 4.

Feeling confused? Never fear, a Lucky 15 bet isn’t as complicated as it might sound. We’re going to explain everything you need to know about Lucky 15 bets and why they’re so popular.

What Is a Lucky 15 Bet - in Simple Terms?

In the most basic terms, with a Lucky 15 you’re placing multiple bets on four horses. This is structured as four single bets, one accumulator, six doubles and four trebles. If you decide to bet for the win, it’s a straightforward 15 bets. You can also opt for the each way bet but this would mean a second set of 15 bets taking the tally to 30.

  • Singles x4
  • Doubles x6
  • Trebles x4
  • 4fold x 1

Lucky 15 Betting Slips

Lucky 15 Bonuses & Offers

The reason why this type of bet is dubbed a Lucky 15 is that it usually benefits from bookmaker bonuses. Follow the Yesbets page to find out the best horse racing offers from bookmakers on the day.

Some of the bonuses that you could be offered for playing a Lucky 15 include increased odds for a single win or even a loser bonus. In the majority of cases these bonuses are only available on win bets, not each way.

Betfred One Winner Bonus

The Lucky 15 is similar to the Yankee, except that the latter only includes 11 bets. As mentioned above, the Lucky 15 has singles on each of the four horses in addition to the combined bets. This is why it’s also known as a full coverage bet, as you’re including all possible combinations for the four horses you choose.

Quinnbet Lucky 15

What Are the Pros and Cons of a Lucky 15 Bet?

Some bettors swear by a Lucky 15 and the good fortune it offers, but there are pros and cons to this type of bet.

On the plus side, it’s hard to beat a Lucky 15 for sheer excitement. You’ve got the excitement of a typical acca type bet plus multiple singles so you’ll always be overwhelmed with the possible outcomes. Even a small Lucky 15 bet will deliver excellent returns if you win all four, giving you more for your money.

A Lucky 15 is classed as a lower risk bet as you’re covering a range of possibilities. If you have 4 runners that you are confident can win, you are covering plenty of doubles, trebles and single bets. If 2 or more of these horses win, you are in for a healthy return on your Lucky15 bet. .

You can use this type of bet with a variety of different sports such as football but horse-racing is the best suited.

It’s not all sweetness and light however, and it’s important to understand the negatives to Lucky 15 bets too. Ideally you’ll need to bet on horses offered at 3/1 or more to get a decent return. Any lower than that and you’ll have to win on at least three in order to cover your stake.

You’ll also be handing more to the bookie than if you’d just placed a handful of singles. Of course, if you were planning on betting more anyway then this doesn’t apply.

Choosing Your Lucky 15

Once you’ve decided to place a Lucky 15, you’ll be raring to go but don’t jump in with the first four races which are taking place. Choosing the right races is just as important as picking your horse so don’t rush in too quickly.

Although the choice is yours alone, there are some factors to consider when creating your bet:

Don’t Chase the Odds

We’ve already mentioned the fact that you’ll want decent odds on your Lucky 15 to cover your stake and ensure a decent win. However, it would be a mistake to purely base your decision on the odds of the horses, ignoring everything else.

While finding value bets should be your goal, backing horses because of the odds alone will leave you with empty pockets. If you can’t find a horse at a good price, there’s nothing wrong with backing those on shorter odds as long as you understand you’ll need to rack up more winners to walk away with a decent profit.

Check Out Changes in Class

In horseracing, each race is classified as Class 1, Class 2, Class 3 or unclassified; this helps to differentiate the calibre of the runners. Class 1 is the elite horses, and you won’t find better than here.

It is possible for horses to drop in class and it’s worth looking at these contenders very closely. A horse might drop in class for many reasons including a recent run of poor form, or perhaps because the trainer wants to try out a new distance.

You shouldn’t automatically back a horse that’s dropped in class but it should be under serious consideration. If it’s more used to running against higher quality opposition, it could find a lower class an easy win.

On the flip side, identifying horses which have just increased in class can help too. Newly promoted horses may take a while to bed in, making it easier to spot other winners. The class of horse and any recent changes is just one of the many factors a tipster will take into account.

Potential Outcomes for a Lucky 15

Let’s say you picked the following horses in your Lucky15:

  • Full Bore 5.00
  • Guipure 4.00
  • Dante’s View 2.87
  • Ayutthaya - 9.00


  • 4x Single bets
  • 6x Doubles bets (Full Bore & Guipure| Full Bore & Dante’s View| Full Bore & Ayutthaya| Guipure & Dante’s View| Guipure & Ayutthaya| Dante’s View & Ayutthaya)
  • 4x Treble bet (Full Bore, Guipure & Dante’s View| Full Bore, Guipure & Ayutthaya| Full Bore, Dante’s View & Ayutthaya| Guipure, Dante’s View & Ayutthaya)
  • 1x Accumulator (Full Bore, Guipure, Dante’s View, Ayutthaya)


  • Full Bore Wins the rest lose - 1x Single win
  • Full Bore and Guipure win - 2x single wins and 1x double win
  • Full Bore, Guipure and Dante’s View win - 3x single wins, 3 doubles wins 1x treble wins
  • Full Bore, Guipure, Dante’s View * Ayutthaya win - 4x singles wins, 6x doubles wins, 4x treble wins, 1x Accumulator wins.

Following an Expert Tipster

Getting full coverage on the four horses and picking the right runners can take a bit of practice. The good news is that tipsters do this all the time so are ideally placed to point you in the right direction. You’ll probably come up with your own hot tips once you’ve been betting a while but even the most experienced bettors check out what the tipsters have to say. At Yesbets we provide free betting tips for many sports, including horse racing. Feel free to check our today’s free horse racing tips to help with your Lucky15 selections.

Check out Yesbets for up to Date Information

At Yesbets we’ve always got the latest tips and betting offers so if you’re ready to place a Lucky 15 bet, check out what our tipsters suggest before you play.

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