If betting on the winner of a race seems a little too ordinary there are ways to spice things up, such as a tricast bet.

Whether you’re looking to inject a little more fun into your betting or the odds on the favourite are so short it’s not worth your time, a tricast bet could be the answer.

A particularly challenging type of bet which is difficult to win, a tricast is nevertheless a lot of fun. Here’s what you need to know about tricast bets and how they work.

What Is a Tricast Bet?

You may have heard of a forecast bet where you choose the first and second place; a tricast bet takes the concept a little further. To win on a tricast bet you’ll need to accurately predict 1st, 2nd and third place. It’s not enough just to get the right participants - they’ll also need to be in the right order. You can see why it’s a tough nut to crack!

Bet365 Tricast Bet

In some countries around the world, such as the US, a tricast bet is known as a trifecta. In the UK however, a trifecta refers to the Tote straight tricast where rollovers take place if there has been no winner. All major UK bookmakers offer tricast markets on horse racing, however some new bookmakers may not, so it’s always worth checking a bookie out before placing your bet.

Types of Tricast Bets

Just like forecast betting there are variables on the tricast bet to provide differing levels of risk and reward.

The straight tricast is what we’ve described above; name the right three participants and the correct order and you’ll walk away as a winner. If there’s any difference to exactly what you’ve predicted, it will be a losing bet.

A combination tricast provides a better chance of a win, but you’ll need to pay more for the privilege. Just like a reverse forecast, a combination tricast pays out for the right top three participants, but in any order. To do this you will be technically placing six tricast bets. On a three horse bet, six tricasts cover all eventualities. This means as long as your trio of chosen horses finish in the top three, you’ll be a winner.

Combination Tricast

The downside of a combination tricast is that it’s a lot more expensive. To get the same returns you’ll be paying six times as much on your stake. As the odds on tricast bets aren’t announced until after the race you could end up with a pittance or even worse, making a loss.

Combination Forecast Stake & Return

What Sports Are Suitable for Tricast Bets?

As the aim is to predict 1st-3rd position, tricast bets aren’t suitable for all sports. For bookmakers to offer odds, there has to be a reasonably high number of participants in the field.

Tricast bets are popular within horse racing but there needs to be a minimum of eight runners. Greyhound racing is another common market where tricasts can be found.

Clearly a tricast wouldn’t work with a simple win bet on a football match but increasingly they’re being offered for big tournaments, such as the World Cup. Name the three nations that will finish on top and you’ll scoop a decent prize. Other sports which are also more amenable to tricast bets include Formula 1 and cycling.

Greyhound Tricast

Fun but Challenging!

Tricast bets can be fun for a dabble now and again but the odds are stacked against a win. If you think you’d like to give it a go, make sure you check out all the available free horse racing tips to give yourself the very best chance. Also check out our latest free bets from the leading bookmakers, including a number of free bets no deposit required.

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