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The European Championship is a special tournament in so many ways. It’s a collection of the best that Europe has to offer all packed up in a single condensed tournament, and the upcoming one is different even by those standards. read on to see our best Euro 2020 betting tips as well as any free bets that are available for the tournament,


Euro 2020

The delay in the competition complicated things quite a bit. To make things worse, the organization takes place all over Europe for the first time ever, meaning that putting things in place requires additional effort and money.


 However, as a bettor, you may find some great value in this sudden change of things.

Euro 2020 Groups

Euro 2020 Tips - Goal Drought

Historically, The European Championships, just like most other major tournaments, often disappoints in the opening fixture. Nobody wants to risk too much in the first match as to not lose chances to qualify for the knockout round.

Considering this, you might want to look at the betting market for Euro 2020 and put your money on under 2.5 goals on multiple matches in the first fixture. This will work more times than not, and it can put you in the winning position right from the get-go.

Predicting the Winner

Outright bets are probably the most popular in short tournaments like the European Championship. Looking at the last 40 years, there have only been two big surprises in Greece and Denmark. All other Euros ended up with a strong nation and one of the favorites taking it all.

So, don’t try to be wise when placing a bet on the Euro 2020 champion - the favorites are there for a reason!

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Euro 2020 Free Bets Everywhere

Given the size and the importance of the competition, the bookies are all over it in the summer. So, most of them will give you a free bet which you can use to gamble on some of the more risky markets.

Predicting the top goalscorer of the tournament isn’t an easy task by any means. However, if you count on a team going deep into the tournament, then it’s only expected for their primary striker to top the goalscoring charts.

Keep in mind that some bookies will offer more generous welcome offers during the tournament. If you’re not registered to some bookies, you might want to wait for Euro 2020 to arrive and get that sweet bonus with nothing but smart timing!

Euro 2020 Top Goalscorer Market

All-Out Attack

These tournaments are golden for making some last-second bets. It often happens that the last fixture is the decider of who goes through to the knockout stage and who goes home. A team in a desperate need of a goal will push everything they’ve got forward, hoping to score the all-decisive goal. However, your best bet in these cases is to bet on the opposition to score next, especially if they have quick forwards to counter-attack. It’s a risky investment, but it’s also one worth exploring more often than not.

Dirty Teams

European Championship has never been bigger - 24 teams in the pot guarantee all sorts of teams qualifying, both the strongest and some weaker ones. So, when there’s a clash between a favorite and an underdog, The Euros can offer us some hectic matches in terms of harsh tackles and rough duels. In these cases, it would be best to put your money on yellow cards, because there often are plenty.

Going further, nations usually have a style of play they hold onto. This means that you can pick out a couple of weaker teams with the traditionally warrior-like mentality and place your money there.

The Winners of the Delay

The betting landscape for the upcoming Euros changed drastically after it was moved from 2020 to 2021. Some teams like England will certainly profit from this change. They had a couple of key players injured ahead of the tournament, and it’s unlikely to see such an unlucky string of injuries in 2021. On the other hand, teams such as Croatian, whose main player is Luka Modric, will suffer from this as the midfielder is aging and an additional year won’t do him any good on the pitch.

Playing at Home

The upcoming Euros will see 12 countries host 12 different groups, with two winners coming out of each one of them. Follow the hosting teams, and put money on them, because it’s historically been proven that the home crowd plays a big role in the international tournaments. The “final four” - meaning semi-finals and the final - will be played at Wembley in England. The Three Lions have an excellent squad, and after years of suffering, is it finally time?

Good Football Doesn’t Always Win

European Championship can be a weird one when it comes to a winner. While it’s most often a strong nation, it’s rarely done in a dominant fashion as you’d expect. Portugal are the current champions, and they won the title in 2016 by playing pretty defensively, scoring almost on accident, including Eder’s title-winning goal in the final against France that nobody saw coming.

Even Spain in 2012 weren’t as dominant as they used to be until the final, where they dismantled Italy with a 4-0 win. Greece in 2004 is another excellent example of a defensive side taking the trophy home, playing deep in their half for most of the tournament.

Fitness Is an Important Element

Players’ schedule is hectic as it is, and with a major tournament in the summer, things only get worse. So, for a player who makes it to the final stages of the Champions League and participates in a Premier League title race title, it’s fair to expect him to be overrun by enormous demands. Thus, when choosing a top goalscorer, you might want to watch out for these players because they could run out of gas early on in the tournament.

On the other hand, players who didn’t play a lot, but do have a spot in the national team, have a lot to prove and don’t be surprised to see someone you didn’t expect to shine in the spotlight.


Despite the confusion surrounding it on this occasion, European Championship is still an elite-tier competition, and adaptability of both the bettors and the teams participating will be tested, so make sure you’re read!

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