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If you´re after the very latest La Liga betting offers then you´ve come to the right place. We search all the major bookmakers to bring you loads of free bets all centered around the predominant Spanish football league. Make sure you also check out our free La Liga betting tips as well to help making informed predictions on upcoming fixtures.

La Liga is perhaps the most talented football league on the planet. The biggest South American talents dream of playing for Barcelona or Real Madrid, while the Spanish natives are quite talented themselves, making for a great mix of fun, excitement, and showmanship.

The first Spanish division is consisted of 20 teams, playing through a 38-match schedule. The bottom three sides are relegated, while the top four go directly to the Champions League. Even the notorious TV deals favoring Barcelona and Real Madrid in the past are changing over time, and weaker teams are getting more and more revenues as the time goes on.

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Title Race

La Liga’s title race has been a two-horse one throughout history. Barcelona and Madrid are consistently winning with the best and the most expensive squads to go along.

If you’re looking for a value bet, putting your money on a third team to win the title can be a risky, but very profitable investment. Atletico Madrid are the latest challengers and they look primed to take their place as the third team in the title race for years to come. With the new stadium and revenues, you ought to take the risk and put money of them. Granted, you should only do this if Blaugrana and Los Colchones are struggling because, despite everything, they’re still at the very top.

La Liga Outright

Historically looking, attacks win titles in La Liga. Even the defensively-oriented Atletico Madrid in 2014 had some fantastic players upfront such as David Villa and Diego Costa, who scored 27 league goals. Needless to say, Real Madrid and Barcelona are always stacked up front, but even Valencia back in 2004 and Deportivo in 2000 were attacking-minded teams with plenty to offer.
Home stadium advantage

There’s something specific about La Liga in a way that the biggest teams traditionally dominate, especially at home. Now, this isn’t something new and you see it in every league in the world. However, if you’re looking for a value bet, make sure to check out Real Madrid and Barcelona at home against weaker opponents. The odds are usually as low as it gets, but if you place a big handicap requiring the favorite to win with four or five-goal difference, you could make some serious money off of it.

La Liga 13/14 Table



Changing the Approach

As the years go by, it seems that the approach towards the game in La Liga is changing. There are more and more defensive teams, focusing on defending their own net rather than going all-out attack to get three points.

So, if two mid-table sides collide, putting your money on less than 2.5 goals or something similar will often do the job for you.

When looking at the number of goals, the weather can be very important. When the season usually begins in Spain, in August, the temperatures are still off the charts. It’s one of the hottest countries in Europe, and playing under that heat can be devastating. Thus, the teams lose energy around the 60-minute mark, which is when it’s your turn to bet on the goalless affair until the end of the match. It’s a risky move, but given the odds and circumstances, it’s also the one worth trying out.

Cards Everywhere

Spanish referees have a certain… reputation. It’s not rare that you’ll see them, not the players, in the middle of attention after the match. This is mostly due to the fact that they’re very easy on the trigger. One bad word or tackle can get you expelled from the match and banned in no time.

It would be very wise to look for value bets in analyzing the referee statistics. If you find the right referee in charge of a match where two rough sides are colliding - jackpot! Put your money on a lot of yellow cards, or even on a red card, and watch the world burn.

Matheu Lahoz is probably the most popular in this regard, and it’s a guaranteed show when he’s the one in charge of the match. There are plenty of referees in Spain with a similar reputation, so the search for the one you’re looking for shouldn’t be too hard.

La Liga Referee Stats


First Half Bunker

When facing stronger sides, the weaker teams almost always fall back deep into their own half, keeping the score at 0-0 for as long as possible. This especially goes for away matches against the best teams.

For this reason, it happens fairly often that an underdog manages to hold onto a goalless result going into the half time. Due to such a big energy loss, they usually fold in the second half. All of this points to the fact that it would be wise to bet on the second half having more goals than the first, a sort of bet you can find at 888sport.

Additionally, if the favorite breaks through early in the second half, you might wanna go for it and expect more goals in the back of the net. This is because the mental strength of the defending team often disappears, leading to some embarrassing results in the end.

Watch Out for the Traps

While the European matches are a cause for rest for the biggest sides, they still have enough depth to cover for it in La Liga. However, the Europa League teams are often short of players to compete both in Europe and the league. Playing on Thursday and Sunday is all but easy, and if you follow these teams close enough, you’ll notice a pattern of them dropping points in the league after the Europa League adventures.


La Liga is an exciting competition to bet on for so many reasons, but an important one is that it almost never happens that two matches are being played at the same time. This allows you to track your bets easily and gives you time to think and calculate a potential effect one game could on another.

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