AO Open

Australian Open is one of the biggest events in not only tennis but sports in general. This fantastic competition marks the actual beginning of the new season for tennis players worldwide aspiring to make their mark on the biggest stage.

Bookies Competing for Your Attention

Since the Australian Open is, as we already noted, the first Grand Slam of the season, this gives bettors a benefit that no other tennis tournament can match. The bookies are going all out to open the new year in style and offer tons of bonuses and free bets for you to use.

You ought to take advantage of this because you’ll hardly find tennis promotions like these for the rest of the season. To make things even further, bet365 has an option where they offer you a full early payout! That’s right - if your player takes a 2-0 lead in the match, you won the bet even if he ends up losing 2-3. It’s really a spectacular offer and the one you should rely on. Just remember how many times you lost your money because a player spilled a 2-0 lead, causing you frustration and anger with the outcome.

Scouting the Players

With the Grand Slam opening the New Year, the players tend to react differently to this. Some of them are laid back types, meaning that they can take a while to get into competitive form. On the other hand, machines like Rafael Nadal are ready to go no matter if it’s the beginning or the end of the season, and you should also keep an eye on that.

As we all know, some of the players just like celebrating, so they’ll transfer their partying over the the Australia. This is your chance to catch them off guard and bet against those players as they’re unlikely to be 100% focused on tennis itself.

Adjusting to the Burning Sun

Australia as a country is famed for its hot temperatures going all the way up to 40+ degrees celsius. So, it’s no wonder that some players just can’t handle running after the glowing sun for two or more hours. As weird as it may sound, you might want to watch out for the players from the north who will have a harder time adjusting to the weather and place your money against them.

This is especially useful for live betting. The longer the match takes, the harder it will be to stand the heat, especially for the physically unprepared players.

AO Heat


Prize Money Through the Roof

Truth be told, every Grand Slam tournament has some shockingly large prize pools. However, since the  is the first amongst them, many lower-seeded players are looking to earn as much as they can in order to ensure the comfortable rest of the season.

Being a tennis player isn’t a cheap sport. There’s so many expenses that add up over the year - from traveling all the way to buying new rackets and equipment. Thus, making a mark in the first Grand Slam can make all the difference between fighting to survive and progressing as a player for a whole year. This is why you’ll rarely find early quitters, despite harsh conditions, especially in the initial rounds of the tournament.

For reference, just by participating in the first qualifying round, a player will earn $20.000. The winner goes home with more than $4 million on his bank account.

Early Upsets

Just like in all other tournaments, the Australian Open offers some fantastic odds in the earliest rounds. Being detailed in your research can often put you ahead of the bookies. Even things like knowing a player’s recent personal events which can affect his performance on the court, meaning that you can take advantage

Also, since the Australian Open is so exhausting, you may want to turn to a live betting market. There are plenty of opportunities with a player going down to an injury, but refusing to forfeit, hoping he can hold onto the win. More often than not, these players lose matches in the end, but the prize money is just too good to not give it a shot.

This is where bookies can be lacking from time to time. So, from the first moment that you notice a player limping or rubbing a part of his body repetitively, it could be a sign of an injury. The risk is often worth a shot, and the medical timeouts usually only serve to buy more time, as they’re unlikely to make a significant difference in the player’s physical fitness at the moment.

Playing Surface

Hardcourt surface is the court of option for the Australian Open, and it’s often referred to as the most balanced surface in tennis. It doesn’t favor the servers as much as grass, but it also isn’t as rewarding for the defensive players as clay.

The great returners are usually the ones making an impact on the Australian Open. Thus, it’s no wonder that Novak Djokovic is the record-holder in so many aspects of this tournament. All-around game is also a big factor here, and one-dimensional players aren’t known for making a success at the first tournament of the season.

Plenty of Factors

With all that’s been said about the Australian Open, it makes for a wonderful opportunity for your betting odyssey. Bookies are raging to get the tennis season going, and the players are coming into the first major with all the expectations and pressure with it. It’s a key to keep a cold head, despite the rush to go all-in on your instincts, and you ought to rely on facts and logic. Combine all of these factors, and you might see yourself coming out of the tournament as rich as some tennis players who participated!

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