🎾 Wimbledon Betting Offers & Promotions

Wimbledon is the biggest tennis major of the year, so you can expect plenty of free bets from the bookies to entice you to bet with them. We list all the latest betting betting offers for Wimbledon in one place to save you time and help you get the edge in your tennis betting. Take a look below at the latest promotions for both new and existing customers. Whether it’s 2Up early payouts or 5 set insurance, we’ve got something for everyone.

Free Wimbledon Bets For Existing Customers

The offers below are for existing customers of the various bookmaker sites. If you already have an account with any of the bookies below, great, you can jump right in and take advantage of these promotions right away. If you spot an offer that you like, but don’t have an account, you can always join and take advantage of the welcome bonus that many bookmakers run as well. Take a look at the table further down the page for new customer free bets that are available for Wimbledon.

Wimbledon Betting Sign Up Offers For New Customers

There are always plenty of free bets for new customers around major sporting events and Wimbledon is no different. Being the only grass major on the circuit it captures the attention of tennis fans the world over. Below you can see the latest promotions from bookmakers for new customers. To take advantage of these bonuses, you will need to be a new customer and have never placed a bet with the bookie of interest before.

What Types of Offers Can I Expect For Wimbledon?

Based on historical promotions that we have seen for the tennis majors in the past, we’ve taken a look at what you can expect for the upcoming tournament.

2UP Early Payout

Popular with both Bet365 and Paddy Power, you back a player to win his match and if at any point they go 2 sets up, the bookie will pay out your bet early. This is available on mens tennis matches only, owing to the fact they play 5 sets, whereas women only play 3 sets in any given match.

Some excellent research from 5addedminutes showed that on average, where tennis matches went to 5 sets 21% of them were won by the player that lost the first 2 sets. In other words, the bookie would have paid out in 21% of these 5 set matches when they wouldn’t have had to without the promotion.

When looking to take advantage of this offer, you will want to look for matches between 2 players of a similar standard. You are unlikely to hit an early payout when backing Federer to beat the wildcard entry for example.

The 2UP is also popular with the matched betting community. If you have backed and layed a player to win the match and he goes 2 sets up, then loses, you will win both the back and the lay portions of your bets.

Money Back if Player Loses in 5 Sets

With the money back if your selection loses in 5 sets, you receive your stake back as a free bet, if your player loses the match in the 5th set. Taking a look at the French Open 2018 results that have just taken place, we can see that 27% of matches in the men’s singles tournaments went to 5 sets. Assuming you will be right 50% of the time (this could be improved upon with some research on the players you are backing), you have a 12% chance of hitting the refund.

If Player Loses The First Set And Wins The Match Get Double Winnings

Betway have enjoyed running this promotion in previous years and we hope to see it for Wimbledon in 2018. If your player loses the first set but then goes on to win the match you get double winnings as a free bet up to £25. The great thing with this offer is that it’s available on both men’s and women’s games so the choice of matches that you can bet on is greatly increased.

If Player Wins the First Set But Loses the Match Get a Free Bet

This promotion works slightly differently to the offer above. Here you need to back a player and if they win the first set but go on to lose the match, you’ll receive a free bet. 10 Bet have been running this offer for The French Open, offering a refund of £20 as a free bet if your selected player won the first set but lost. We’ll be hoping for more of the same when Wimbledon starts this summer.

Cash Back on Losses

Coral and Ladbrokes (now part of the same company) have been known to run a cashback promotion on net losses for a given day. They recently ran this offer for The French Open and we’ll be hoping that they do so again for Wimbledon. This one is probably more for the matched bettors out there. If you can lock in some good matches, with high stakes you can see some good returns if the results go your way and you make a “hedged” loss at the bookmaker.

Wimbledon Tournament Format

Like all of the tennis majors, Wimbledon follows a knockout tournament process for both the mens’ singles, womens singles, mens doubles and womens singles tournaments. For both the mens and womens singles competitions 128 players enter the competition and there are 6 rounds to reach the final, with the final being the penultimate game.

Men play 5 sets, whilst women play 3 sets for each match. There have been murmurings for a number of years now that the mens tournament will drop to 3 sets per match, but to date this has not materialised.

Wimbledon Prize Money

There will be a total of £34 million up for grabs at the 2018 tournament. Since 2007 prize money for the mens and womens singles title has been equally shared with the penultimate winner of each competition receiving £2.25 million each. The runner up for each tournament will receive £450,000 each, with remaining prize money awarded depending on where a player finishes.

The lucrativeness of the prize money available for players taking part at Wimbledon has led to accusations in recent years that some lower ranked players were turning up to play in the tournament even though they were not fully fit. The retirement rate for first round entrants being much higher than at other tennis tournaments around the world.