Whilst matched betting is as simple as finding a market, calculating the odds and placing 2 bets. There are some things that you need to know about when you first start matched betting. Understanding the basics and being confident in your ability to react when the markets move is key to avoiding mistakes and panicking. This section takes a look at some important aspects that will help you when things don’t go a little off piste.

What to Do If the Odds Change

Sometimes the odds change whilst you are calculating your bets. This will also happen when using matched betting software occasionally. Find out what to do and how to edit to find out what your updated profit or loss will be.

Odds Changing

How to Fix an Unmatched Bet

If markets are moving quickly, bets may be left unmatched, or even partially matched. Find out what to do so that you aren’t left with an unequally matched bet.

Unmatched Bets

What is Best Odds Guaranteed?

If you’re matched betting on horses, best odds guaranteed can leave you making much greater profits than you initially calculated. Find out exactly what best odds guaranteed is and how it works.

Best Odds Guaranteed

What is Rule 4?

Rule4’s and reduction factors both relate to horse racing and effect how much you will be paid out. Read more about exactly what Rule 4 is and how it applies to matched betting.

Rule 4

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