Matched betting is a great way to earn some risk free, tax free cash. It will suit people that have some spare time during the day, evenings or at weekends. It’s also great if you take an interest in sport.

It’s important to note that matched betting is not a get rich quick scheme, you will need to put some time in to place bets and then settle them. You will also need the ability to keep track of your bets and funds, although this is made a lot easier if you use the Yesbets Premium Service as we track all bets and balances for you at the click of a button. Try it for free.

Matched Betting Right For Me?

Matched Betting For Students

Matched betting is a great opportunity for students. If you are a student, it’s likely that you have plenty of time to spare and a decent disposable income. A lot of matched betting can be done at any time of the day, but it gets busier on a Saturday and Sunday morning and during large sporting events like the world cup.

Things to be Aware of When Matched Betting as a Student

A lot of sign up bonuses and indeed certain reloads are restricted to one offer per IP address or household. If you are in shared accommodation, you may want to invest in a VPN service to get yourself a unique IP and use your home address to prevent any conflict.

Matched Betting For Stay at Home Parent

We know that parenting doesn’t always afford lots of spare time during the day, but if you can spare just an hour or 2 you could make yourself an extra £500 per month in tax free profits. A lot of matched betting is flexible timewise, so you can do as little or as much as you have time for.

Things to be Aware of When Matched Betting as a Stay at Home Parent

A lot of the reloads will take place at the weekend, which is not the best time if you have young children. That said, it is quite easy to get a number of your matched bets on early in the morning and then settle them in the evening. It may hinder your ability to all of the reloads on offer, but you can still make a good additional second income from matched betting.

Matched Betting For Sports Fans

If you love sport, then what a great excuse to watch the events. Matched betting gives you a great opportunity to profit from something that you love. If you still want some of the excitement of watching the game and winning money on a result that you predict, you can utilise advanced strategies like underlaying and overlaying to enhance the enjoyment.

Things to be Aware of When Matched Betting as a Sports Fan

Matched betting does take the excitement out of betting as you are guaranteeing a profit regardless of the result. If you’ve never bet before then this is unlikely to make a difference to you. That said if you do like a bet, then there are some advanced strategies that you can employ to add some excitement to your matched betting career.

Who Is Matched Betting Not Suited Too?

This may sound counter intuitive because matched betting is risk free, but if you have any problems with gambling, then stay away from matched betting. You need to be disciplined to make long term profits and if you have a gambling addiction, you will be tempted to go off piste and gamble your earnings away.

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