It’s the promised land, isn’t it? Sit at home, in your dorm or even in the park and make money from your laptop or, nowadays, just from your smartphone. Screw the nine-to-five! I’ll work when I want to! Stick it to the man!

That may be too many exclamation marks for one blog already. But with good reason: it is possible to earn money online without having to stick your nose to the grindstone. Take matched betting, for example. More and more people are doing it, if not to go whole-hog and bin-off work completely but to supplement incomes to help pay for the cars, holidays, goods and services that we all aspire to. If we can earn tax free profit from making a matched bet or two, then why wouldn’t we?

That said, there are plenty of generic online money-making scams, too. How many sites have you been on that offer ways of making guaranteed money online, get you to trawl through pages of drool-worthy ad copy brimming with promises of milk and honey only to then demand that you sign up for a course or webinar that requires you to deposit $79.95 to learn all the trade secrets you need to become a billionaire. Grrrr.

With that in mind, this list here doesn’t include any ventures that require you to sign up for any courses that are “guaranteed” to make you money. In fact, looking down the list, only matched betting offers guaranteed profit. Which is perhaps a reason for its surge in popularity. No such thing as a sure thing? There sure is.

1. Matched Betting

Tip 1

I would say that, wouldn’t I? Writing a blog post for Yesbets, the industry’s best matched betting site. But this isn’t sheer nepotism. I’ve made well over £2,000 - so far at the time of writing - in tax-free profit. And my friends and relatives have got in on the cash action, too. So I’m speaking from experience.

Anybody can match bets outside of a dedicated matched betting site like Yesbets. But you would have to trawl through the scores of bookmakers’ free bet offers that they use to hook new punters in. The truth is, the best way to learn matched betting is through the kind of in-depth, step-by-step tutorials that Yesbets provides as standard to all its Premium members.

After our first few matched bets, we know how to do matched betting like we know how to drive our cars. And we don’t need one of those stickers to tell anyone we’ve just passed.

Yesbets also keeps track of all our profits and balances, so we don’t have to mess around with keeping our balances updated and wondering what we’ve got where. Yesbets makes matched betting easy and quick - which are two traits that make it very attractive to online moneymakers.

2. Online Trading

Tip 2

Don’t you want to be a Wolf of Wall Street? Well only without the flagrant abuse of regulations, consistent adultery and sojourn to jail, obviously. In fact, such is the ubiquity of online trading sites and apps that trusted sources such as the Guardian newspaper have devoted time and copy space to it, offering beginners guides, tips and tricks. That said, while the wins can be tasty, the losses can be heartbreaking. Much like gambling, then.

3. Sell Stuff

Tip 3

Remember when eBay launched? “What? We can get rid of all our old guff that we don’t want anymore without the pain of getting up at no-am on a Sunday morning to head to a car boot sale in the rain? Result!” Though it does, of course, depend on whether or not you’ve got anything worth selling. Old broken toys and stretched underwear ain’t going to cut it. Well, apart from to a “select” audience, anyway. And do you really want some dodgy pervert sniffing your old knickers in the shadows? Maybe you do. In which case, go for it. But don’t forget there’s always the time it takes to get your knickers posted out, too.

4. Become A YouTube Personality

Tip 4

Really? Vlogging? Well, you might not think it would be up your alley but there is still plenty of money to be made in video blogging. Assuming, that is, that you have something interesting to say or are charismatic in some way, shape or form. That doesn’t mean you have to be blonde and young with perfect hair and teeth. Take Antonella, The Uncensored Reviewer, for example. Her foul-mouthed yet frank and hilarious reviews have earned her a cult online following and thousands of views per post.

5. Complete Online Surveys

Tip 5

While completing online surveys is risk free, they do take up time and you often have to complete a lot of them in order to accrue the kind of dollar you can from a fraction of the time placing matched bets. That said, if you have plenty of time on your hands and don’t have any kind of start-up cash to put into any sort of venture, then online surveys can be a useful, if not speedy or exciting, method to start to build your bankroll. YouGov, MySurvey, Crowdology, Valued Opinions, and IPSOS are just some of the online survey sites offering us the chance to make money for our time online.

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