Vodafone Free Gifts

Oh-oh. This sounds like a horrible, spammy promotional tie-in. Quite the opposite, in fact. And I’m deeply hurt that you would suggest such a thing. Placing matched bets requires Internet, doesn’t it? (Well, duh.) We’ve already said in numerous blog posts that using Yesbets to place matched bets is easier done on laptop or desktop than it is on mobile. So it makes sense that you have a decent broadband deal in place, right?

Now you can see my angle. So this offer from Vodafone popped up, and loathe be it for me not to share it with you, my matched betting brethren. Vodafone are laying Unlimited Fibre Broadband with decent speeds at £25 a month on the table. And there’s no setup fee, either. Oh, and they’ll also give us a free gift worth up to £199 when we join. 

What Do You Want from Broadband?

Vodafone Fibre Prices

If I could lay a guess as to what you would be after from your broadband provider, your priorities would be speed, data limits and price. Am I right? Regardless of your thoughts on capitalism, you can’t argue that free markets don’t increase competition. Competition, of course, decreases prices. So it’s a user-friendly marketplace, allowing us to browse the best prices and get the best deals. Numerous apps dedicated to switching you to the cheapest deal for utilities have been developed and released, theoretically making the process to switch even easier.

But that’s a bit of a tangent. As we’ve said, number one priority for broadband is speed. Vodafone is offering its Truly Unlimited Fibre Broadband package at £25. This includes line rental with speeds of up to 38mbs (in actual fact, when I checked mine on the Vodafone site it estimated these speeds a lot higher, and guaranteed a minimum of 51mbs download speed. So we’re talking decent speed, tidy price and tasty data limits (as in none).


Vodafone Fibre Broadband Deal - Plus Free Gift (worth £199.99).

How Do Other Packages Compare?

Vodafone Comparison

A quick comparison to some of the other major players lets us know just where this offer sits.

BT weighs in with a higher monthly charge of £34.99 per month for its Unlimited Infinity package, that’s with a 25% discount applied. After 12 months this will shoot up to £49.99. BT sweetens the deal, though, with a £150 prepaid credit card. You’ll also have to fork out an initial £49.99 fee with BT, too.

Sky’s best fibre effort comes in at £27.99 per month, so slightly more than Vodafone. Sky offers us a £100 pre-paid Mastercard, too, so slightly more expensive and not up to the same value.

So it looks like the Vodafone offer is up there with the best of them. Other providers are available, so do feel free to check it out.

For me, the free Sony Sonos worth £199 is a game-changer, though Vodafone does offer other free gifts like a Fitbit Charge 2 worth £139.99, Sennheiser HD 4.50 BTNC Headphones worth £169.99, Tom Tom Bandit Action Camera that would set you back  £129.99 or a £75 prepaid card.

And with decent guaranteed speeds like these, we can place matched bets to our heart’s content. And watch NetFlix, and download movies, and Skype our friends... 


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