Sometimes money is taken on the exchange faster than you can place the bet, meaning that your bet is only partially matched.

Let’s say that you wanted to lay Minellahalfcentury (Wincanton 15:10) for £14.47 at odds of 3.85 and you place your bet, but there is only £2 in the exchange. £2 of your £14.47 lay is matched at 3.85, but now the odds are 4.00 and you still have £12.47 remaining that you need to get matched at odds of 3.85.

Matched Bet

Matched Bet

In this situation you have 2 options. Firstly you could leave it for a while and check back to see if the lay odds have dropped again and your bet has been taken. There is a risk involved here, because the lay odds may drift further, leaving you with no chance of getting the final £12.47 matched and you will then have to lay at much higher odds eating into your profits.

Secondly you can use the Tricky Bet Calculator to find out how much you should lay at the new odds of 4.0 to ensure that your matched bet remains equal. Watch the video below to see how we use the tricky bet calculator.

The screenshot below shows the Trickybet calculator loaded with the values entered and calculated for the example above

Tricky Bet

Step 1

Select the bet type, in this case it was an SNR bet

Bet Type

Step 2

Enter How Much you have already matched and the odds.

Part Lay

Step 3

Enter the stake amount at the bookmaker(in this case £20), add the back odds that you placed the bet at the bookmaker.

Then enter the current lay odds at the exchange. In our case this is 4.00

Next enter the lay commission, which on betfair is 5%.

Odds & Commission

Step 4

Press Calculate

Calculate / Refresh

Step 5

Lay the amount that the calculater states under standard match, in this case £12.00

Standard Match

Step 6

Confirm and save the bet in Yesbets, when you come to settle the bet, you will need to update the liability to take into account the 2 lays at different odds.

Yesbets Settle Bet

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