An offer that is often overlooked as offering little value, however in the right hands the 2nd to SP offer from major online bookmakers can be very profitable. It works well on UK & Ireland racing with strong favourites, I’d always look at odds of evens (decimal 2.0)  or lower.  If we can find some value from somewhere else in the field, this offer provides us with the added insurance of if we get beat by the SP (starting price) favourite, we get our money back - usually in the form of a free bet.

As there are so many UK & Ireland races taking place pretty much every calendar day we usually have a few 2nd to SP offers uploaded to the site during the falt & national hunt seasons. 


What is 2nd to SP Fav Horse Racing Offer?

When a bookmaker offers 2nd to SP Fav on a horse race, it means that if your horse comes 2nd to the starting price favourite you will receive an SNR free bet to the equivalent value of your stake.

For example, you place a £10 bet in a horse race at 4-1. There is another horse in the race that is 2-1, it is the shortest priced horse in the race and the odds stay the same until the race starts. The race ends and your horse loses, however the 2-1 shot wins In this case you will receive a free SNR bet for £10 to place on another race.