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With many sporting events returning in the third quarter of this year, the National Football League (NFL) joins the roster of returnees. On September 10, 2020, the regular football season will start with the divisional matchups. The winners for each conference will proceed to the playoffs to vie for the Super Bowl LV title. 

There is no significant change to the seeding process as fans can still expect the thirty-two competing teams from the American Football Conference (AFC) and National Football Conference (NFC). With new players starting this season, as well as traded players, these fresh lineups will make the NFL season this year more exciting. 

As the latest edition of the football tournament begins next month, this will open another opportunity for the fans to bet on the NFL game. Some pro bettors have dedicated so much time to come up with winning strategies as they wager in these football matchups. If you wanted to learn these techniques to apply in the upcoming NFL games, here they are. 

Betting Lines: Early Favorites VS Underdogs 

Predicting a winning betting line movement for all NFL matches is the most challenging thing to do. It is why pro bettors are continually checking the odds value of two competing teams a week before they clash. It is the best way to compare how the early favorites can ace the underdogs or the other way around. 

Most bookies often post an odds ranking or value one week before the scheduled matchup. They identify the favorites and the underdogs based on their previous matchups. If you keep your eyes on the betting line movement daily, there is a bigger chance for you to bet on a winning favorite or a victorious underdog. 

Exploit On Early Season Bias 

Everything you see in the sports media today is highly sensationalized. It means that once a team performs poorly in their starting games, they are already regarded as underdogs. Apart from that, if these teams have scored at least 0-3, it means they are already a wrong choice for the betting games. They may not be able to catch up to those groups who nailed a huge start. 

When exploiting early season bias (which is taking advantage of those teams who won starting games right away), you might get the best value in the betting line. It means that they can still win in the upcoming games, especially if their rivals have the same weakness as their defeated groups. 

Examine Each Team´s Motivation

One of the biggest mistakes that bettors make is disregarding the players or teams who lost many starting games. This is because players have a million-dollar contract, which is the main reason why they should always perform 100%. However, like other humans, these players and teams tend to get motivated depending on the type of matchup.

Remember that last year´s runner up, the San Francisco 49ers, were a big underdog during the playoffs. They were underrated in the NFC but hailed as divisional champs, managing to dispatch all the favorites in the quarterfinals and the semis to head onto the finals. It is why you should examine each player´s motivation by knowing their scheduled matchups and current scorecard to see which play they perform well. 

Wager On NFL Totals

NFL totals are the second-largest betting game that´s played in football. Many bettors are taking advantage of this mainly for the playoffs because they can quickly identify the teams who can win on over and under bets. Moreover, this generates higher payouts as bookies are most likely covering the public with overwhelming odds value in NFL totals. 

Unlike the Money Lines and the Points Spread, where you get lesser value because of massive punters, betting for the Totals category gives better earnings. It is also offered to the most popular and trusted online sportsbook, so there is a huge chance to compare odds and gamble for a bookie that offers the biggest payout. 

Don´t Forget Prop Bets 

Prop bets are also giving away lots of prizes when it comes to NFL betting. You don´t have to keep track of the line movements, as well as the current odds. It will only require you to predict the game´s real outcome depending on the proposition set by the oddsmaker. These are realistic propositions that will let you see the whole flow of the game. 

Although prop bets are less popular, it can still boost your bankroll when you bet and win consistently. It is an excellent addition to your earnings because some bookies generate higher payout for this football betting category. 


The NFL betting games are undoubtedly an excellent way to earn money, especially when you gamble correctly. Hence, in the upcoming NFL games this September, don´t hesitate to apply the pro tips outlined above to wager and earn productively. 

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