2nd Place to SP Favourite Refund

For this refund you only get it if your horse finished 2nd to the horse that starts the race as favourite. This isn’t as lucrative as the standard 2nd place refund reload but can be worth doing if you pick the right races. You need to place a qualifying bet as per usual but follow some simple rules.

How to Maximise Your Chances of Getting 2nd Place to SP Refunds

Strong Favourite

Only place qualifying bets on races where there is a strong favourite

Not Favourite

Don’t bet on the favourite

Small qualifying loss

Take much smaller qualifying losses on horses. You are looking for 2 events to happen in a race. Firstly that the favourite in the race wins and secondly that the horse you placed your qualifying matched bet on, comes 2nd. Don’t take any loss over £1.00 on a £25.00 bet

Joint Favourites

If there are a few horses that are joint favourite, or at very close odds, don’t bet on the race. Odds move over time and your horse could become the favourite and then the refund won’t be honoured

Clear 2nd Favourite

If there is a strong favourite and a clear 2nd favourite, the 2nd favourite is the horse to hone in on, keep your eye on the odds for this horse and take it if you can get a very close match

Close to race

Try and place your qualifying matched bet close to the start time. It will be more frantic, but you will have more of an idea of who the favourite is and what the odds will be when they go to post.