You can use the attached spreadsheet to lock in profit on Paddy Power’s betting offer for  2 Up – You Win reload if your team goes two up at any point. (Thanks to Adam Dee for sharing this spreadsheet on the facebook group). 

Here’s how it works:

1 Place Normal Qualifying Bet

Place a back and lay bet on a team to win. Higher stakes will make the lock-in more worthwhile, but try to keep qualifying loss as low as possible. Enter your odds and stakes into the spreadsheet as shown.


2 Check if Team Go 2 Goals Up

If your team goes two goals up at any point, the reload is triggered and your back bet will now pay out regardless of outcome. Select “Yes” in the “Been 2 up?” field to see your profit and loss for each outcome.


3 Place Additional Back Bet

To lock in profit regardless of outcome, you can place another exchange bet. This time you’ll be BACKING your team to win, not laying as you usually do on the exchange. Enter the current odds into the spreadsheet to calculate the required stake to lock in profit.


4 Lock In Profit

Once you’ve placed your back bet on the exchange, you will have locked in guaranteed profit.



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