There are many different types of electronic wallets to use online, with Neteller being one of the most popular.  Many gambling platforms approve registering, and then creating your own Neteller account is simple. 

Making a Deposit at an Online Casino Using Neteller

Once you have verified and deposited into your Neteller account you are ready to try out some of the best Neteller casinos using a banking method that is safe and secure.

Depositing at your favourite Neteller online casino is easy. Simply go to the site's banking section and choose to make a deposit using Neteller. Follow all the steps that the online assistant provides you. You will be asked to enter the amount you want to deposit which can be the minimum Neteller amount or higher. Remember you cannot try to deposit more than you have in your Neteller account.

Joining Neteller

  • Go to Neteller's home page and then click Join for Free. Follow this direct link through to Neteller's official site
  • Enter your first and surname
  • Enter your email address
  • Enter your password 
  • Click register now

Now you need to click get started in the Neteller account interface (green box bottom left) 

  • Select your country of residence 
  • Select your currency 
  • Click Save

You then complete detailed personal information to register your Neteller account. 

  • Choose your birth month 
  • Choose the date of birth
  • Choose the year of birth
  • Choose your gender

You then need to enter your address, there are two options. 

The preferred method is to enter the address you are in whilst creating the account. You can use the Geolocation method to get fast verification

  • The second way is to enter your address using verification documents like utility bills or bank account statements that have your name on them
  • Enter the City name 
  • Select the Province name if applicable 
  • Enter the Postal code 
  • Enter the phone number 
  • Select continue

You will then receive a six-digit verification code that Neteller sends to the phone number you have registered. If you do not receive the code within a minute, then you can click on ‘send code to email’

Once you have entered your verification code, click verify.

Creating Your Security Code

This next step is very important. Once you have set your security code remember to save it to a safe place. You will be asked for your security code when using Neteller to make a deposit or withdrawal. The security code is also a way to verify your account, and it is time-consuming for Neteller to reissue one. 

Once your code has been entered click Save. Now you can receive and transfer money using Neteller although the limit is 166. To increase the transaction limit and use all of the Neteller functions, you will need to verify your account.

Verifying your Neteller Account

  • Fund your Neteller account 
  • Link to your Facebook account (this is optional) 
  • Verify your identity 
  • Verify your address

You will deposit a minimum of 5 to verify your account, and a 2.5% fee is attached for money transfers. 

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