Adding Your Exchange Balance To Yesbets

  • The first step in your matched betting journey is to open an exchange account. We recommend using betfair as it’s one of the easiest exchanges to get started with. 

  • Step 1 Open Betfair Account

    Click on the Open Betfair link. Take a note of the code that you need to enter, as this will give you some free bets with betfair later on.

    Adding Exchange Balance

    Check that the code is already pre filled when joining. If it isn’t add it in.

    Add Betfair Code

  • Step 2 Make a Deposit

    The next step is to make a deposit. We recommend depositing between £40 - £100.

    Add Yesbets Balance

  • Step 3 Update Your Yesbets Balance

    Now that you’ve deposited at Betfair, you can update your balance on Yesbets. To do this, click Add Balance and enter the amount that you deposited at Betfair. 

    Deposit Betfair