Back in the day, it might be impossible for online casino players to find a way to hide their identity. Nowadays, many people still even think that it is impossible to gamble anonymously on the internet. However, thanks to cryptocurrencies, it’s easy to find an anonymous casino where you can place your bets.

The top UK online casinos are required to conduct a thorough verification process on anyone who wishes to sign up with them. This is something that the UK Gambling Commission has implemented to ensure that no minor will be able to access any online gambling activity. However, there are adult casino players that still wish to stay anonymous when gambling online and this is where anonymous casinos come in handy.

How Does an Anonymous Online Casino Work? 

Basically, an anonymous online casino allows the players to access their game catalog without having them disclose any personal information and banking details when signing up. Typically, an anonymous online casino will only need a player to set up a username and a password. Most of them, however, will require a valid email address. 

This is completely different from how traditional online casinos would require you to submit a valid ID before they can allow you to make a deposit into your account. Once you have already set up a username and password and have already connected an email to your gaming account, you can then get your wallet address where you can send cryptocurrencies that you can use to play with.

For players who want to be completely anonymous when accessing their sites, it should be easy to just create an email address that they can connect to their account. Some players would also use VPN to make sure that their gambling activities can’t be traced by anybody they know too.

When looking for such a casino, you may immediately notice that the majority of them only allow cryptocurrency payments. This makes sense because using cryptocurrencies is the only payment solution that won’t require you to also reveal any of your information. 

When transacting with Bitcoin or altcoins like Bitcoin Cash, DogeCoin, Cardano, BNB, and many more, you only really need a wallet address or a destination tag. Crypto wallets won’t reveal any of your details too once the transaction goes through.

While this sounds risky to some, this is actually one of the safest ways to transact online. Cryptocurrency transactions are all documented and are impossible to manipulate. And so, even if the transaction is anonymous, you can easily monitor its progress.

What’s also great about these anonymous casinos is that they are mobile-friendly. This means that you can easily access these sites anywhere you are and at any time. Most anonymous gambling sites are also usually fast when it comes to giving payouts. It’s rare to find online casinos that process withdrawals right away and this is where anonymous casino sites do well. Many of these operators can in an instant or at least within the day.

Disadvantages of Anonymous Online Casinos

While many of these casino operators allow you to play real money games completely anonymous, some of them are still asking for you to complete a phone verification process. This is why if you’re really after playing anonymously, go for anonymous gaming sites that only need an email address.

You also should know that anonymous casino sites usually have a limited game catalog. Most of them are heavy on slot machine games and so, this may only be your cup of tea if you’re a slots player. It may be hard to find an anonymous casino with a great selection of table games like blackjack, poker, and baccarat.

Some of these online gambling sites may also eventually require you to submit an ID if you are already withdrawing huge amounts of money. This is their way to make sure that they are giving the payouts to a genuine user. 

Still, generally speaking, online gambling comes with a few risks and disadvantages. However, the advantages of playing at anonymous online casino gaming sites still outweigh the disadvantages. Overall, these operators can promise their customers safe and convenient options to gamble without revealing their identities.

Anonymous casino players can also attest that they have saved a lot of time on these sites. It’s a great way for players to skip the tedious verification process that traditional online casinos have. It’s a great option if you’re someone who wants to hop on a real money game right away.

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