Bet on a Market and Get a Free Bet Every Time a Trigger Occurs

This reload is popular with bookmakers for tournament and competition football. A number of examples include:

1Outright Winner

Place a bet on the outright winner of the premier league and receive a free bet your team wins a game

2Top Goalscorer

Place a bet on the top goal scorer and receive a free bet each time your selected player scores a goal

These are fantastic reloads that can keep paying out free bets throughout the season or tournament or until a specific time (ie until Christmas).

How to Complete Bet on a Market with Trigger Reload

To complete this reload, you simply need to pick a winning bet in the market stipulated and lay it off on the exchange as you would with any qualifying bet. Then every time a trigger occurs you will receive a free bet for the stated amount.

Tips for Completing This Reload

One thing to be aware of is that these matched bets can require a fairly high liability from your exchange balance (especially for top goal scorer markets) and it will be tied up for the duration of the tournament. For this reason it is worth combining liability on a number of offers at once to maximise the efficiency from of your liability and get more free bets in the process.

You can add a little more risk for this offer by not laying off your initial bet straight away in the hope that the team or player you selected does really well. This will result in the odds dropping for you to lay (as well as not tying up your liability in the exchange) creating a big arb on your bet. Do be aware that this can also work against you if the player or team that you select doesn’t perform well resulting in a larger loss to lay the qualifying bet off.