Betfair Trading An Introduction

  • If you’ve been matched betting for a while, you may be looking for additional ways to increase your betting bank. Exchange trading is one route that you can go down and can be very profitable if you are willing to learn, be diligent and stick to the rule. As a matched bettor, you will likely be experienced with betting exchanges and how they work, so this will give you an advantage over someone that is approaching trading from a fresh perspective.


    What Will You Need?

  • Betfair

    1. A Betfair Account

    Betfair is where most liquidity is and this is paramount when it comes to trading. If you don’t already have a betfair account, you can join here.

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  • Geeks Toys

    2. Trading Software

    Trading on exchanges like Betfair is only possible using trading software. Trading software allows for faster execution of trades, allows you to see a greater depth of the market and get in and out of trading positions quickly. The data is in real time and is fully customisable. We recommend Geeks Toy for this and you can get a 14 day free trial using this link.

    You can also use Geeks Toy in training mode so you can practice exchange trading without risking your own funds, providing you have actively used your Betfair account in the past.

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  • Caan Berry

    3. Trading Software

    Exchange trading is a whole new skill to learn. You may know the mechanics of how betting exchanges work, but to be successful as an exchange trader, you will need to learn how the markets work and how to place trades so that you can get in and get out for a profit. Now you could go off and try and research all of this yourself, but if you want to save yourself a good many hours, we’d highly recommend Caan Berry’s Video Training pack course.

    It’s £147, but covers everything from the basics to the most in depth trading strategies. There is over 7 hours of video tutorials and this is being updated all the time. If you’re serious about exchange trading, then it will save you countless hours and, most likely £hundreds in mistakes.

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  • What’s Included In Caan Berry´s Video Training Course?

    If you purchase the complete video course, you gain access to 24 individual sections, ranging from the absolute basics right through to key strategies to ensure that you are successful. Within each of these modules, there are several video tutorials, around 10 -15 minutes each, making it easy to digest and rewatch, enabling you to really get to grips with what’s been taught.

    He will talk you through how to setup Geekstoy, talking you through all the screens and what all of the information means and how to use it most effectively. Geekstoy is an incredibly powerful tool, but you need to know how to use it properly and Caan’s video package will do just that.

    Training Overview


    Example Module

    Video Module Example

  • Summary

    If you are interested in exchange trading, Caan Berry’s video package will give you a great chance of success. The material is well laid out, has plenty of detail and is broken down into bite size chunks, which is probably its most redeeming feature. There is a lot to learn when you start trading the sports markets and Caan’s layout makes it easy to digest, rewatch and get setup and starting to trade.

    Exchange trading is not risk free. You do stand to lose money, especially in the early days. But if you dedicate time and effort and follow a good training course, you can make good money from exchange trading.

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