The air crackles with anticipation as the first balls are set to be racked in the Brentford Leisure Centre for the 2024 English Open, starting on September 16. This prestigious snooker tournament, known for its high-pressure atmosphere and rich history, promises a week of enthralling competition. Over 70 players, including the top 16 in the world rankings, will converge with their sights set on the coveted Steve Davis Trophy. 

This year's English Open carries particular weight. The snooker world is still buzzing from a dramatic 2023 season, and questions linger about its impact on the upcoming tournament. Will Judd Trump defend his title and secure the championship, or will a new champion emerge from the pack of seasoned veterans and rising stars? Betting sites are changing the odds of the winner all time, as new info pours in. Let’s dive into a more detailed analysis about their history, current form, betting options and odds.

Snooker Betting Basics: Types of Wagers

As we get closer to the competition, snooker bettors are presented with a variety of wagering options. For those new to this betting, each type of bet offers a unique angle on the action, providing different opportunities to engage with the tournament. Here are some of the common bets you can place:

  • Match Result: The simplest form of betting, where you predict the outright winner of a match.
  • Handicap/Frame Handicap: To balance the odds in a mismatched game, bookmakers may apply a handicap to the favored player. For instance, a -2.5 frame handicap requires the favorite to win by at least 3 frames.
  • Total Frames: This bet revolves around predicting the total number of frames that will be played in a match.
  • Highest Break: A wager on which player will achieve the highest break during a match or across the tournament.
  • Correct Score: A more precise bet where you predict the exact scoreline of a match.
  • Total Points: This involves betting on the cumulative number of points scored in a match.
  • Outright Bet: A long-term bet placed on the overall winner of the tournament.

These betting types add an extra layer of excitement to the tournament, allowing fans to speculate on more than just the final outcome. We will present only the odds for outright bet for the potential winners below. 

Veterans on the Hunt: Can Experience Prevail?

The field boasts a stellar line-up of experienced players eager to prove their mettle. Judd Trump, the "Jester from Leicester," is a three-time English Open champion and a perennial threat. Despite a recent dip in form, his unpredictable genius and laser-sharp focus on the table cannot be underestimated. As the three-time champion, Judd Trump enters the tournament with odds of 5/1, reflecting his strong chance to reclaim the title. The odds for top players will fluctuate on billiards betting sites as the frenzy builds up.

Ronnie O'Sullivan, the crowd's perennial favorite, is listed at odds of 9/2, indicating that the bookmakers view him as a serious contender. While his schedule has become more selective, his natural talent and competitive spirit can light up the baize. Will O'Sullivan, a six-time English Open champion, rise to the occasion and add another title to his impressive collection? 

John Higgins, the "Wizard of Wishaw," is another name to watch with odds of 2/1. His tactical brilliance and steely determination have secured him four English Open victories. Can the veteran Scot recapture his past glories and reclaim the trophy?

The New Breed Rises: Can Youth Upset the Established Order?

But the established guard faces a formidable challenge from a new generation of snooker prodigies. Zhao Xintong, known as the 'Hurricane,' is a force to be reckoned with. After his impressive UK Championship win in 2022, bookmakers might place him with hypothetical odds of 5/1, reflecting his potential to take the English Open by storm.

Yan Bingtao, the 'Magician,' with his calm under pressure and a Masters title to his name, could be given odds of 7/1, suggesting that while he's a strong contender, he still has to prove he can clinch the English Open title.  Adding to the intrigue is the resurgence of Kyren Wilson, the "Warrior" has shown a resurgence in form. His odds could be set at 6/1, indicating that his recent performances have caught the attention of bookies and fans alike. Can his grit and determination overpower his more flamboyant rivals? To answer this and much more about the odds of who has the biggest chance to win in the 2024 English Open according to billiard bookies, you can see the list on where you'll find up-to-date betting information and expert analysis to guide your predictions for the tournament. 


The 2024 English Open is set to be another thrilling chapter in snooker's history. With over 70 players, including the world's top 16, the tournament at Brentford Leisure Centre is the stage for intense competition. The odds reflect the excitement, with favorites and underdogs all in contention for the Steve Davis Trophy.

As the event unfolds, each shot will carry the hopes of players and the expectations of fans. It's more than a game; it's a display of skill and nerve where only one can emerge victorious. Who will it be this year? The answer lies in the green baize of the English Open.

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