Bore Draw Refund

The bore draw refund means that you will get your stake refunded as a free SNR bet if the football match that you bet on ends in a 0-0 draw. This offer can be lucrative if you pick games that are likely to be low scoring and you get a close match with a low qualifying loss.

How to Complete a Bore Draw Reload

Find a close match on a selected game and then place a normal qualifying bet by backing and laying the result and then hope for a 0-0 draw

Tips for Finding Good Matches with 0-0 Draws

Look for 2 low scoring teams that are playing each other. This will increase your chances of picking a game where there will be a low or no score.
Also look at Derby games, relegation battles and title rivals. These games are more likely to be tight affairs with both sides trying to nick a goal. These can often be boring affairs despite all the hype that surrounds them.

Look at team’s defensive attributes. Those teams that are tight at the back get 0-0 results more frequently.

Waiting until just before kickoff can be a good strategy for getting close matches. This is when money pours into the exchanges and the odds can move closer together.


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