Sports betting, whether online or through physical bookmakers, is an incredibly popular pastime worldwide. The UK is particularly fond of placing wagers on upcoming events, and by the end of 2021 held 23% of the sports betting market in Europe and was the second biggest market internationally in 2024.

The primary reason is that the activity has been a part of British culture for generations. Bookmakers like William Hill have been operating in the country since 1934. The first London bookmaker predates this by almost a century, opening to the public in 1850.

Due to this in-grained culture, most British gamblers feel comfortable placing bets based on their knowledge, but few look for tips and tricks to help their wagers. If you’re wondering if such tips can help even the most seasoned gamblers, keep reading.

Do Betting Tips Work?

The question of whether betting tips can help people place more accurate bets does not have a simple answer, as a few critical factors must be considered. 

Tip Source

The origin of the betting tip is often one of the first things to check when considering whether the tip will be fruitful. After all, anyone can launch a website or post insightful tips on a betting forum.

While many of these tips may result from genuine extensive research, many may also be the whim of the tipster and not have any factual substance. Following such tips from the latter camp may worsen your accuracy and lead to losses.

Therefore, finding a tipster that delves into how the tip was calculated is imperative. They should also have a proven track record of winning bets using the tips they publish online. 

Tip Foundation

As mentioned above, the most accurate tips are commonly developed by filtering extensive data points. These data points are entered into an algorithm that attempts to predict possible outcomes and then bases its betting tips on them. 

Many websites actively publish numerous data points on every game in just about every sport. Someone who looks at and considers these carefully will likely publish more accurate tips than somebody skimming this data before reaching a conclusion.

With the advent of AI and machine learning, calculating odds based on data points has become even more accessible, leading to significantly more accurate bets. As such, finding tips generated through AI analysis will likely result in better results. 

Tip Relevance

Looking at how relevant a tip is may sound redundant, as most tips are generated specifically for a particular upcoming event. However, with the advent of live sports betting, tips are subject to change depending on the game’s events.

If you’re a punter who enjoys betting in-game, checking how up-to-date and relevant a tip is could mean the difference between a loss and a win.

With the above factors considered, the answer to whether bets can help place more accurate bets is yes. If the tip has been adequately formed by somebody with a track record of correct predictions and is relevant to the match when you place the bet, it can help improve your odds of being accurate.

However, it is essential to remember that even the best tips (like those offered by an AI that has calculated thousands of data points) can still be wrong. As upsets can happen in almost any sport, betting tips should never be seen as a guaranteed win but rather as a tool to help improve your odds of winning.

Experienced Bettors

If you’re a punter with years of experience, accepting a helping hand from these tips may be difficult. In cases where a betting tip goes against your instinct, this is even more so. However, not using these bets could be counterproductive for various reasons. 


Experienced gamblers may have become accustomed to betting based on specific whims, feelings, or their ability to analyse data. However, a punter’s desire for a particular team or athlete to win can easily influence these factors.

By using betting tips, objectivity is preserved because the bettor has no emotional input into the tip and can take it at face value, as presented by the tipster who has objectively calculated the bet. 


One of the most significant pitfalls an experienced bettor may have is thinking they know how to bet better than others. This belief often finds its roots in the gambler’s experience and is not easily shaken.

Bettors who acknowledge that others may be more accurate than them, regardless of their experience, can use betting tips to their benefit. Doing so sets aside pride and focuses solely on the best bet to place. 


With the advent of iGaming, many bookmakers have launched online casinos, and vice versa, which can tempt punters to sign up to receive 25 free spins on registration with a casino rather than placing a bet on sports and waiting to see the results. 

By using betting tips, you can keep them fresh in your mind and stay focused on the task at hand: getting your bet in before the big match. These tips also allow you to focus on a particular sport or event rather than becoming overwhelmed by the various sports and other gambling options available.


There is little doubt that practice and experience can help you become a more accurate bettor, but a few tips can help you become even better. As such, keeping an eye out for great tips never hurts. Leverage them to your advantage whenever you find them, as they could help you score big. 

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