What is a Cashable Bonus?

Cashable bonuses are bonuses that can be cashed out as soon as wagering has been fulfilled. These are the most common types of bonuses that are awarded to new players.

Cashable Bonus


  • Deposit £100 and receive a £100 bonus, with 20X wagering of the bonus.
  • Your casino balance is £200
  • You can withdraw anything remaining once you have made £2000 worth of bets

Things to Be Aware Of

  • Bonuses and winnings may be forfeited if you attempt to withdraw before completing wagering, so always check that you have completed the wagering requirements before attempting to withdraw your balance
  • Certain games may have restrictions with regards to what games count towards wagering., check our article on what games should I play?

What is a Refund Bonus?

With a refund bonus, you will use your own funds to place the initial bets or complete the wagering and if you lose you will receive a refund for the stake that you lost. Refund bonuses will usually be limited to a certain amount, for example bet £5 and get £5 back if you lose.

Cashback Bonus

Will There Be Restrictions on Games?

This will depend on the bonus. It’s always important to check the terms and conditions for any games restrictions.

What is a Post Wager Casino Bonus?

A post wager casino bonus is one that is received after certain wagering requirements have been met on a player’s deposit. In other words you will need to deposit a certain amount and then place a specific number of bets or a certain amount before the bonus is credited to you.

Are There Wagering Requirements Associated With Post Wager Casino Bonuses?

This will depend on the post wager bonus that you are taking. As a general rule the larger the wagering requirements are before the bonus is released, the less likely that there will be wagering required on the bonus.

For example a post wager bonus that is applied after you wager your deposit through once is likely to have a wagering requirement on the bonus. Whereas a post wager bonus that is applied after you have wagered your deposit 15X is likely not to have wagering attached to the bonus as well.

That said it is always important that you check the specifics of any bonus before you deposit.

Are There any Game Restrictions with Post Wager Casino Bonuses?

There may be game restrictions associated with post wager bonuses, so it’s important that you check the terms and conditions before completing any offer.

What is a Sticky Casino Bonus?

Sticky Bonus Type I / Phantom Sticky Bonus

A sticky bonus is a bonus that cannot be withdrawn. There are certain variations within the sticky bonus which centres around whether or not the sticky bonus is removed once you withdraw. The sticky bonus type I, also known as the phantom sticky bonus, is always removed once you attempt to withdraw


  • Deposit £100 and receive £100 sticky bonus with 20X wagering of the bonus
  • Your casino balance is £200
  • You wager through the bonus and have £250 remaining at the end
  • Withdrawable balance is £150 (£100 sticky bonus is deducted)
  • Profit is £50


Things to Be Aware Of

On the face of it, phantom sticky bonuses seem like a poor option for advantage bonus play. If you are playing a low variance game for low stakes then this may be true. To make the most of these bonuses you want to increase the stake you are playing with (to increase the risk and the potential payout). This will increase the expected value (as well as the chance of busting out). You will also want to play a high variance slot to increase the opportunity to get a big win (this will also increase your bust out rate). In other words you are increasing the chance of you losing your deposit, for the opportunity to win a big amount that will take you over the initial bonus and deposit total that you started with.

Some games may be excluded from wagering or being played with sticky bonus

  • Example of High stake High Risk
  • Deposit £100 and get £100 sticky bonus
  • Place £200 on Red on roulette.
  • 45% chance of winning £200
  • Bet wins You now have £400
  • Complete wagering on low risk low variance game
  • You end up with £360
  • Profit = £360 - £100 Sticky bonus - £100 deposit = £60


Sticky Bonus Type II

Some other casinos offer a slightly different type of sticky bonus that is more favourable to the advantage player, but these are less frequently available. Some offer one or both of the following:

Bonus is not removed after the wagering has been completed and you withdraw. This means that you can withdraw your winnings and continue betting with the sticky bonus. 

If your betting bonus balance drops because of losses any further winnings are immediately cashable. In other words you don’t need to exceed your deposit amount to cashout any winnings.