How to Check Offer Terms & Conditions and Create a Strategy

This is the way we deal with all reload offers , we produce a simple strategy. For more infomation on this strategy, please see “reload basic tutorial”.

  • Qualifier - Action required to qualiy for the reward
  • Trigger - The conditions that need to be met
  • Reward - The value you reeive from completing the offer
  • (Notes) - Any important details relating to the offer

This provides users with a simple way to see what is required in order to complete the offer. The process above works equally as well for any invite only or email offers you may receive.

Its a relativley mundane task, however after you have read a fair few offers, you will start picking out the important aspects. Terms usually include generic site details (as betfair call it “Other boring but essential stuff:”. These are generic site terms that don’t really have any impact over how we are going to play the offer, for example users must be over 18, customers cannot have multiple accounts, only one account per household etc etc. The juicy terms that we want to highlight include wagering requirements, what games can be played, value of the rewards (eany time res.g. free spins or bonus), any time restrictions or expiry dates to the offer.

This process is time consuming to start with however, we would not recommend completing any offers without reading the terms first. If you are unsure, please don’t hesiate to post the offer to our premium yesbets community.

Top Sport Signup Offers

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