• Watch our video that shows us completing the Coral offer and making £15 in 5 minutes. You can be doing this too in no time at all.

    Coral Sign Up Offer Video

  • Welcome to Yesbets and the world of matched betting a fantastic risk free way to make easy money day after day.

    We’ll show you step by step how you can make up to £1,000 per month by following our simple process. In this video we will briefly explain what matched betting is and then show you an example of just how easy it is to make your first £15 profit with the opportunity to make thousands more.

  • So What Is Matched Betting?

    Matched betting involves placing bets on all outcomes of an event to happen so you make a profit regardless or the result. Now we make a profit because the bookmakers give us bonus cash to bet with.

    For matched betting to work we place a bet at a bookmakers for an event to happen. For example Manchester United to win, and we take someone else´s bet at a betting exchange for the same event not to happen known as a lay bet, for example Manchester United not to win. These bets are exact opposites so no matter what happens all outcomes are covered. Now this may sound complicated but all you need to know is that you have to place a bet at the bookmaker and a bet at the exchange and as long as you have bonus cash you will make a guaranteed profit.

    Matched Betting Example

  • Matched Betting Example

    So let´s go through an example of this in action and show you just how quick and easy to make around £15 profit using Coral. So with Coral I get £20 in free bets when I join and place a bet of £5. So I would simply join Coral, fill out the form and deposit £5.

    Coral Sign Up

    Now as I mentioned previously I also need to place a lay bet at an exchange and for this I will use Betfair. For this example, I’m going to sign up and deposit £100, but you can start with as little as £40.

    Sign Up Betfair

    So now I’ve got my two accounts with money in them, I’m ready to add those balances to yesbets. I’ll add £100 balance for Betfair and I’ll add £5 balance for Coral .

    Add Balances

    Now I need to find and event to bet on. Yesbets show you exactly what to bet on and how much you need to bet. For this example, I’m going to use this “Napoli v Inter” game and it´s telling us to to bet on “Napoli” to win. Here you can see its telling us to bet £5 at Coral and £5.12 at Betfair

    Qualifying Bet

    So I place my £5 at Coral

    Coral Betting Slip

    And my £5.15 bet at Betfair

    Betfair Lay Bet

    Now I’ve done this I’ll “Confirm & Save” this bet to yesbets. You see here at Coral that I have 4x £5 free bets. So I’ve unlocked the free bets on Coral by placing my qualifying bet.


    Now we simple repeat this process with the free bets that Coral have given us to make a profit.

    Coral Free Bet Dropdown

    Here we can see a horse race and its telling us to bet £20 of our free bets at Coral and £16.16 at Betfair.

    So I’ll go to Coral put my £5 in and select my £5 free bet, and repeat four times using all my free bets. Then I come to Betfair and place my bet of £16.16. Next if I come back to yesbets, you can see here that I will make £15.35 no matter what happens on this event. I will not “Confirm & Save

    Calculator Free Bet

    Now the events have finished and our bets have settled, we can see all out bets have lost in Coral and our balance is £0. But in Betfair we can see our bets have won, our balance is now £120.21.

    If we head back to yesbets and settle these bets here. The both won at Betfair. You can now see our profit is saying £15.21. We started with £5 in Coral and £100 in Betfair and we now have £120.21 in Betfair, so that´s £15.21 profit.

    It really is that easy, you can repeat this process hundreds of times with multiple bonuses. So if your ready to make risk free cash every day why not get started now. We have detailed video instructions for your first offer.