You can use the attached spreadsheet to lock in profit on Coral’s Win Win - Get In reload, which offers double winnings up to £50 if the team you back wins both halves of the match. When you place a qualifying bet on this offer, you are effectively getting two bets:

  • Your normal qualifying bet on your team to win.
  • An automatically placed free bet on your team to win both halves, at the same stake and odds as your qualifying bet, but with a maximum win of £50.

Since you effectively have one standard bet and one automatic free bet, you can potentially back and lay both to guarantee profit.

Back and Lay Qualifying Bet

The first step in getting maximum value from this offer is working out your qualifying back stake on the full time result market. Entering the current back odds of your selection into the spreadsheet will calculate a recommended stake. 

The recommended stake is intended to return close to the maximum £50 in winnings from your free bet, but is rounded to the nearest £5 in order to appear more like a natural bet. If you want to calculate the back stake required to return exactly £50 in winnings, the equation for this is: 50 / ( odds – 1 ). 


Next, enter the back stake you’ve chosen into the ‘Bookie Stake’ field and then enter the current lay odds to calculate the required lay stake.


Place your back and lay bets.

At this point, you’ve backed and laid your qualifying bet and can stop if you choose. Your free bet on your team to win both halves will make a good profit if it wins, or you’ll make a qualifying loss for any other outcome.

Alternatively, you can lay your free bet to lock in profit. There are two main methods for doing this.


1 Lay Free Bet Method 1 – Win Both Halves Market

The simplest option for laying your free bet is to use the ‘Win Both Halves’ market. At the time of writing, this market is available on both betfair and smarkets.

Laying your free bet on this market will guarantee profit, though odds and liquidity are usually poor. 

N.B. This is not the same as the HT/FT market. To win a ‘Win Both Halves’ bet, a team must score more goals than the opposition in each half of the match. To win a half time/full time bet, a team can take a first half lead and then simply hold that lead until the end of the match without scoring more goals.

If you can find a match, enter the current odds into the ‘Lay Exit at Exchange’ field on the spreadsheet to calculate your required lay stake and expected profits.




You are most likely to find good odds and liquidity on this market pre-match, though the market will usually still be available throughout the match, unless your team loses or draws the first half.


2 Lay Free Bet Method 2 – Asian Handicap Market

If you can’t find a profitable match on the Win Both Halves market, you can wait until half time and use the Asian Handicap market to lay your free bet instead. Note that if your team loses or draws the first half, your free bet will lose and can no longer be laid at half time.

The Asian Handicap market allows you to bet on a team to win by a certain margin. You can use this market to place a lay bet that wins on any outcome other than your team winning the second half, locking in profit from your free bet. The correct market to place your lay bet on is:

Your team minus their lead at half time minus 0.5

For example, if you backed Barcelona to win both halves and they are winning 3-1 at half time, the correct market to lay your free bet on would be: 

Barcelona (your team) minus 2 (their first half lead) minus 0.5 = Barcelona –2.5

The following table of common examples may help you to understand which market to select:

Half Time Score Half Time Lead Correct Handicap Market
1 – 0 1 Team -1.5
2 – 0 2 Team -2.5
3 – 0 3 Team -3.5
2 – 1 1 Team -1.5
3 – 1 2 Team -2.5
3 – 2 1 Team -1.5


Once you’ve found the correct Asian handicap market, enter the current lay odds into the ‘Lay Exit at Exchange’ field on the spreadsheet to calculate your required lay stake and expected profits.




You can use the Asian Handicap market to lay your free bet at any point after the end of the first half, including in-play, so you can wait to get better odds or more liquidity if you choose. Note that the correct handicap market to choose is always based on the half time score, not the current score