Double Winnings If Your Fighter Wins In Rounds 4 to 6 Profit Lock In



1. Calculate back stake

You’ll need to place a qualifying bet on the fight that will return £100 in winnings if it wins. To calculate the stake required for this, divide 100 by the current back odds minus one:

Stake=  100/((odds-1))

You may want to round up or down to the nearest £5 to avoid placing suspicious looking bets.


2. Place qualifying back and lay bets

Enter the stake, current back odds and current lay odds into the manual matched betting calculator. You’ll need to find a close match to get value from this lock in.


3. Lock in profit

Placing a qualifying back bet on this offer effectively gives you an automatic free bet on your chosen fighter to win in rounds 4, 5, or 6, which will return £100 in free bets if it wins. Lay this by finding the appropriate market on betfair. This will be in the Grouped Round Betting category, and titled (Your Fighter) Rounds 4-6. When you’ve found the market, you can calculate your lay stake with the manual matched betting calculator.

Set bet type to ‘SNR’, since this is a free bet - no deduction should be made from your balance and no stake will be returned. You would expect to take around £80 of value from a £100 free bet, so enter £80 as the back stake and odds of 2.0. This will set the return of your back bet to £80. Now enter the current lay odds and select the exchange market (betfair) to calculate the amount you should lay and your profits.