Double Winnings Up To £X

There are several ways to take advantage of double winnings reloads. Two of the most popular are explained below.

Step 1 – Calculate Stake

These reloads usually have an upper limit on the amount of winnings that can be boosted, so the first step is to work out the stake you need to bet to return the maximum boostable winnings. Use the following formula:

Back Stake = Maximum Winnings / (Decimal Odds – 1)

For example, a reload offers you double winnings up to £100 and you’ve found a good match at 1.5. You need to calculate the back stake that will return £100 of winnings:

  • Back Stake = Maximum Winnings / (Decimal Odds – 1)
  • Back Stake = £100 / (1.5 – 1)
  • Back Stake = £200

Step 2 – Find Match and Calculate Effective Odds

‘Double Winnings’ reloads offer the best profits at lower odds. Assuming a good match at the exchange, the lower the odds of your selection, the higher your profit will be.

‘Double winnings’ is essentially a 100% boost to your back odds, so once you’ve found a match the next step is to calculate the effective odds of your back bet. 

If the reload pays your enhanced winnings as cash, then you can calculate your enhanced back odds with the Odds Boost Calculator by entering current odds and selecting 100%. Alternatively, use the following formula:

Enhanced Odds = ( ( Current Odds – 1 )  x 2 ) + 1

If the reload pays your boosted winnings as a free bet, then you need to factor in that you’ll only expect to take 80% of the value of the free bet. First, calculate your enhanced odds as above, then enter this into the Effective Odds Calculator. Alternatively, use the following formula:

Effective Odds = ( ( Enhanced Odds – Current Odds ) x 0.8 ) + Current Odds

Step 3 – Back And Lay

The last step is to calculate your lay and place your bets. Open the matched betting calculator and enter the current lay odds, the back stake you calculated in Step 1, and the enhanced back odds (if winnings paid as cash) or effective odds (if winnings paid as free bets) you calculated in Step 2.

There are two main options for laying these bets. Firstly, you can calculate a standard lay. This will lock in equal profit regardless of outcome. Alternatively, you can underlay. This will return more in winnings if the back bet wins, but won’t return a profit if the back bet loses. This option is popular with some people as it’s effectively a risk-free punt.