Dragonfish Bingo Strategy

A long-standing loophole with Dragonfish bingo software allows us to bypass wagering requirements for first deposits and potentially make good profits. Since these sites are all part of a common network, you should complete these offers one at a time and wait for your winnings to be paid before starting on the next offer.

Note that these offers are not risk-free and there is a small chance of losing your deposit without returning any profits. However, utilising the loophole creates a high positive expected value from these offers as a whole, so completing them all should return a profit in most cases.

The Loophole

Dragonfish Bingo sites offer bonus funds to new players on their first deposits. These ordinarily have wagering requirements (typically 4x) which reduce their expected value, but we can bypass this using the loophole. It works like this:

  • The winnings from all tickets bought before your first bingo win will go into your withdrawable cash balance.
  • This means that if you spend all of your cash and bonus funds on bingo tickets before your first win comes in, all of your winnings will go to your cash balance, bypassing wagering.

General Strategy

1Sign Up

Sign up and make your first deposit. Your deposit will go into your ‘cash balance’ and your deposit bonus will go into ‘bonus balance’.



Spend a few minutes familiarising yourself with the layout of the site, the bingo rooms available, and the process for buying tickets. This is important because when you come to buy tickets, you’ll want to do it very quickly.

Play on 90 ball and 75 ball bingo games only. You may also want to avoid jackpot rooms, as these have much a lower chance of returning winnings.

Check that the prizes for the rooms available are worth the price of entry. If you find that in many of the rooms you stand to win less than you’d spend on the maximum number of tickets, it might be best to leave and return later when there are more players.


3Purchase Tickets

When you’re ready to start, wait until a new bingo game has just started in as many of the rooms as possible, so there’s a delay of at least three or four minutes until the next round of games starts.

Starting with the room with the longest wait until the next round and proceeding down to the room with the shortest wait, go through all of the rooms and buy the maximum number of tickets available.

Your objective is to spend all of your funds before any of your tickets return winnings.



If a game you have bought tickets for has just started and you have bonus funds still to spend, you can buy tickets for the next game in that room as long as none of your tickets have returned winnings yet.

4Stop Before Winning

As soon as one of your tickets returns any winnings, stop buying tickets, even if you have a few pounds of bonus funds left.

Wait for all your games to finish and withdraw your winnings.


Bet £20 In-Play, If Bet Loses, Get £5 Free Bet

Champions League

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Virgin Bet

Bet £20, If One Leg Lets You Down, Get £20 Free Bet

PDC World Matchplay

RELOAD GO TO OFFER * terms apply

Bet 5 x £100 In-Play, If All Bets Lose, Get £100 Bonus (X2 Wagering)

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Paddy Power

Bet £10, Get 5 Free Spins (x0 Wagering)

RELOAD GO TO OFFER * terms apply
Bruce Betting

Bet 10 x £10, Get £10 Free Bet (IRISH Accounts)

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Bet £25, Get £5 Online & £5 In-Store

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Bet £25 Acca, Get 2x£5 Free Bets

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Bet 10 x £10, Get £10 Free Bet

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Bet £30, Get £5

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Bet £25, Get £5 Free Bet

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