The allure of progressive jackpot slots is simply irresistible for players who seek big winnings with a small investment. Success stories tend to linger for a long time in the memory of players and act as incentives to persevere. The bigger the payout, the more impressive the narrative, and one particular story stands out from the crowd. Not so long ago, a lucky player from Finland won nearly $18 million spinning the reels of progressive jackpot slots at Paf Casino.

Mega Fortune set a new record

Millions of Euros were won over the years by lucky players who chose to spin the reels of progressive jackpot games. Payouts over €10 million were rare, but they were more than a few players who managed to win such a hefty paycheck. However, when a lucky casino enthusiast from Finland decided to spin the reels of Mega Fortune, the winner was set in motion for something truly memorable. With a bet of only $.25, he managed to win the main jackpot which at the time stood at a staggering €17.8 million.

The beauty of this game is that you can win a huge amount without breaking the bank — UK online slots websites have seen a huge increase in player volume since the publicity of these huge wins. There isn’t an indissoluble link between the size of the investment and the potential return. All you need is love and a moment of inspiration to change your life forever. The game is shared by several casinos that offer games powered by the same software developer. As a result, competition is significant but jackpots grow at a faster pace and when somebody finally wins, the payout is spectacular.

The slots jackpot change the winner’s life

In the wake of his success, there was tremendous interest for the lucky player and people were wondering how his life has changed. Not surprisingly, the lady who won the eight-digit amount was ecstatic and for quite a while everything felt unreal. For regular people who are not used to so much money, the figure is difficult to grasp. She decided that the money will be used to improve her life, but also to make it easier for her relatives and close friends.

She began looking around for a better car and decided that she wanted to improve the quality of her life. This included getting a personal trainer to help her stay in good shape, so she could enjoy the newfound fortune. The lucky winner wasn’t exactly a slots enthusiast, but rather a casual player looking for a good time. In the interviews following the big break, she confessed that she is mostly a poker player but decided to give the popular video slot a chance.

Over the years there were plenty of people who got lucky spinning the reels of slots at Paf Casino. It will probably take a while until somebody wins another jackpot of this magnitude. For the time being, Mega Fortune is the record-holder and the Finnish winner the most successful online slots player in history.

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