The competition among online casinos is extremely tough these days and without any doubt, bonuses are one of the best things to stand out. Therefore, we can see that every casino website advertises some kind of promotion for new players. The problem lays in the fact that things can be tricky sometimes, as the messages we are getting from these advertisements leave a lot of room for different interpretations.

Fortunately, we have a website called Foxbonus and one of the biggest news is that it operates in the UK as well. So, players from this part of the world can also count on a comprehensive analysis of casino bonuses and make better decisions when choosing a new casino to place their wagers. Besides the UK, Foxbonus is doing business in 12 more countries.

What is Foxbonus?

Foxbonus is a website that is run by a group of enthusiasts and experts, which offers a comprehensive analysis of casino bonuses in the offer. Instead of giving full reviews of casino websites, it rather focuses on just one aspect, providing the exact information about welcome bonuses and other forms of promotions. We asked Hector Brown (the Editor in Chief) for a comment:

We are very happy to enter the UK after some time of doubt. The market has seen a decline since regulation and a lot of operators has left the market. Given the positive response we have been getting from our other geos, we have now concluded that this is the right time to launch in the UK and we are very happy with the result so far.
Its completely free to use the site and sometimes it does more than just compare. Some casinos gives you extra good benefits or higher bonuses if you come from Foxbonus.

What Kind of Comparison Has Foxbonus to Offer?

As we’ve just mentioned, this website focuses on bonuses and you may count on a pretty detailed comparison of bonuses from different online casinos. This includes both free money and free spins.
When it comes to bonuses that come in free money, this website analyses it in many ways. You may count on information about bonus matching, whether a deposit is required or it’s deposit-free and what is the max deposit. Also, you will get information about multiple deposit bonus availability, as there are online casinos that give a bonus for a certain number of deposits.

Free Spins

Foxbonus also compares free spin bonuses between different online casino websites. You can find all the necessary information about the numbers of free spins, how you can use them, which games you can play etc. Its also very clear stated if you need to make a deposit to get the freespins or if it’s a no deposit bonus.

Wagering Requirements and Payment Methods

As these things also have a lot to do with casino bonuses, they are analyzed by guys from Foxbonus as well. You can find everything you need to know about wagering requirements in a certain casino, and how it’s calculated.

Also, you can get information about payment methods you can use to land deposits, whether it’s about credit and debit cards, direct wire transfers or e-wallets.

All about new casinos

One of the competitive edges Foxbonus has is that they publish new licensed online casinos at a fast pace and keeps updated with which casinos that are safe and not. New casinos generally gives players higher welcome bonuses and other perks such as free spins or cashbacks but sometimes they can be risky.


Foxbonus now offers its services for the UK online casino market. Currently, it offers analyses of several websites that operate in this country, but we expect that the offer will expand in the near future. If you want to find out everything about bonuses and their differences from website to website, this is a great way to save your precious time.

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