Gamesys Group Strategy

The welcome offers from the Gamesys Group sites Virgin Games, Jackpot Joy and Heart Bingo provide an extremely low-risk chance at earning good profits. These sites are particularly good for newcomers to casino offers, for a few reasons:

  • You don’t have to put much of your own money at risk.
  • All winnings from the bonus games and spins are paid as cash, so you can withdraw everything you win.
  • Qualifying wagering can be done on blackjack, which offers the best return to player (RTP) and lowest risk of all casino games.

Because of these reasons, the vast majority of players who take up these welcome offers will end up in profit. It’s important to recognise, though, that casino games don’t offer guarantees, and there is always a chance that you could make a small loss completing one of these offers.

Blackjack Strategy

When played optimally, blackjack is almost always the casino game with the lowest house edge. This means it is ideal for completing wagering requirements on casino offers.

Unfortunately, most casinos are well aware of this and will often either disallow wagering on blackjack or give it a much lower weighting so you need to bet your bonus or deposit many more times. When allowed and not lower weighted, though, blackjack is usually the best choice.

Remember that blackjack is only the best game for wagering if played optimally. If you play blackjack with less than perfect strategy, the house edge could be considerably higher.

Thankfully, playing blackjack perfectly is easy to do. Do a quick google search for ‘blackjack strategy’ and open up one of the charts in a new window. Now when you start a game you can simply look up your hand and the dealer’s hand and follow the instructions on the chart.