How to Complete Matched Betting on Tennis

Matched betting on tennis matches is not without its challenges. Before you complete any matched betting on tennis matches, make sure that you understand the rules regarding what happens if one player advances to the next round before the allotted sets have been played. The main time that this applies is when a player gets injured, meaning the opposing player automatically qualifies for the next round, but it could also mean disqualification and the rules may differ in both instances.

For a successful Tennis matched bet to work, the rules need to be the same for both bets or else you risk losing both your back and your lay. Because most of the time you will be backing at a bookmaker and laying at an exchange, the following bookmakers (at the time of writing) have the same rule.

1If the First Set Is Not Completed All Bets on This Market Will Be Void

You can complete reloads on these bookmakers laying at the exchange as they have the same rules.

2Match Must Be Completed

3Match Completed (Without Disqualified)

How to Place a Tennis Matched Bet

To make absolutely sure that you are OK. Only pick reload offers from the bookmakers in section 1, as these matched the exchange rules. If reloads are posted from other bookmakers, it’s up to you as to whether or not you want to risk it.

Always check the rules haven’t changed before placing your bets. The rules can and do change from time to time and you should ALWAYS check before placing your bets. If they have changed, please let us know so that we can update this list. A quick way to check the rules is to click on the bookmaker or exchange terms and conditions and do a ctrl F search and enter “tennis”, this should help you locate the rules quickly.

Check the other bookmakers rules to see if any of the rules have changed to allow you to place the bets.